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Top 5 Rated Pubs in Birmingham


Pubs have been an integral part of British Culture for many decades; it’s a welcoming social spaces for friends and strangers to gather, enjoy a pint, share stories, etc. The same is with the pub scene in Birmingham; it is a thriving social culture for locals.

A traditional ‘real ale’ pub culture in Birmingham offers a selection of cask ales brewed using conventional methods and served at room temperature. The same goes with the modern pub experience, offering a range of trendy gastro pubs; here, they serve high-quality food alongside craft beers and cocktails.

In addition, many pubs in Birmingham host live music and events, which make them popular as entertainment venues; there are also thriving LGBTQ+ pub scenes in Birmingham, offering inclusive spaces for the community to gather and socialize.

Top 5 Rated Pubs in Birmingham

1) ScruffysMurphys:

For the past 21 years, Scruffys has been one of the only Rock Bars left in Birmingham; they have immense pride in its rich history in bands and musicians, either performing on stages or just chilling in their bar. They have had regular visits from the members of Napalm Death, Benediction, GBH and AnaalNathraak, to name a few.

Their Service includes:

  • Live music
  • Tasty beverages and food
  • Signature cocktails
  • Quality beers, wines and spirits
  • Pub games

Address: Scruffy Murphys, Newton Sreet, Birmingham, B4 6NB

Contact: +44 1212362035

Website: https://www.scruffymurphysrocks.com/

Customer service: Great place to be; friendly staff, great people, and an amazing jukebox.

2) The Bull Ring Tavern:

The bull ring tavern offers a great selection of drinks, the best sporting action, pub quizzes and live music. They are at the heart of the local community who love to get involved with their things and enjoy the bar. The bar is big on sports and entertainment, and warm Brummies welcome—one of the Dog-friendly bars in Birmingham.

Services include:

  • HD screens
  • Live sports
  • Live entertainment
  • Karaoke
  • Value Beers, Stouts, Wines & Spirits

Address: Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6BH

Contact: +44 1212725499

Website: https://www.craftunionpubs.com/bullring-tavern-digbeth

Customer review: We are a group of community welcomed at the Bull Ring 10 years back and are regulars at the bar. The bar has become our place for weekend starters.


The Big Bulls Head in Digbeth has a long history, with many owners, staff, and customers coming and going over the years, all contributing to what it is today. The pub retains many of its original features and continues offering its customers a welcoming place to meet, drink, eat and stay.

THE BIG BULLS HEADservices like:

  • Live music
  • Beers, spirits
  • Stay
  • Events

Address: The Big Bulls Head, 75 Digbeth, Birmingham, B5 6DY   

Contact: 01216437890


Customer Review: The start of the weekend was awesome, thanks to the music; the food was spot on, great mixture, I totally loved it, and the staff were top class too.

4) The Sun on the Hill:

Located in the heart of Birmingham on Bennetts Hill, the Sun on the Hill is your independent city centre local, serving well-kept beer and home-cooked food in a laid-back setting. You’ll be greeted with a friendly welcome, a buzzing atmosphere and regular entertainment, including local DJs and the latest sports.

Their services include:

  • Full bar
  • Pool table
  • Live music
  • Live events
  • Party venue

Address: 23 Bennetts Hill, Birmingham B2 5QP, United Kingdom

Contact: 01214487966

Website: http://thesunonthehill.co.uk/

Customer service: It is a large room with a mezzanine floor, moderate prices, a friendly atmosphere, overall well run, and great fun.

5) Malt House:

The Malt House is located in a picturesque canal-side setting. The menu here is in the best tradition of British pub food. Best enjoyed with a drink, friends and a warm welcome at the Malt House.

MalthouseHouse provides many types of services, which includes:

  • Family-friendly
  • Car park, beer garden
  • Sky Sports
  • Season Ticket
  • Waterside
  • Disabled-friendly

Address: 75 King Edwards Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, B1 2NX

Contact: 01216334171

Website: Malt House

Customer service: There was a nice pub with plenty of beer choices, and the food looked nice; I finally found a decent bar for our family outing at the Malts.


The pub culture in Birmingham is vibrant and full of energy, continuing its traditional culture and the accepted modern bar experience. One can be lost for choices in the sea of availability of Bars in Birmingham. From being pet-friendly, family-friendly, special disabled, floor, live events, and home-made foods, all varied options are available.

Most of these are active on social media platforms, so one can easily find them and read over reviews to discover what can best suit oneself.

In Birmingham, all taste buds and different music lovers can find a right bar as per their personality to enjoy lunch and dinner and have a fun-filled evening with friends or family.


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