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Find Out the Best Five Nails Salon in Bradford


Whenever a girl goes out, getting her nails is the most important thing for her. There are TONNES of nail salons in Bradford that provide lovely manicures and flawlessly painted foot nails. But it’s only sometimes clear which can do the job properly.

We investigated all nail salons which are right now operating in Bradford. However, many more nail salons in Bradford provide good services. That’s why we describe a short list of the best salons. 

These five nail salons are the best in Bradford. So you didn’t further go for you getting nails. Just go out to these places and beautify your nail with their experts.

Top 5 Best Five Nails Salon in Bradford

1) Sky Nails & Beauty- Bradford

They offer natural nail procedures, layering, and extensions. Salon’s priority is the client’s demands, security, and happiness. They provide cheap methods of a high standard. 

They are dedicated to providing you with the most recent nail and beauty care developments. They only use the best nail-related brands. 

Address: Unit 3, 21 Bank St, Bradford BD1 1PU, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1274043271

Reviews: I had a great experience with this salon. Nail technicians are friendly and professional. The salon was very clean and well-maintained. My nails look so beautiful and lasted for weeks. 

2) Bradford Nails

They specialize in manicures, pedicures, and infills. The salon is pleased to offer its clients only the best services. They provide a wide variety of nail polish hues and designs. Their skilled experts offer excellent care for all manicure and pedicure procedures. 

Bradford Nails is an excellent mixture of the finest level of premium goods and cutting-edge methods. 

Address: Unit 3 Market Pavillion, Rawson Place, Bradford BD1 3QQ, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 7475999999

Reviews: I am so impressed with this salon’s work. Technicians are too friendly. And my nails look so great, which I never expected. And they also follow proper hygiene protocols and cleanness in the salon. 

3) The Nail Lounge Bradford

Their highly skilled and knowledgeable nail technicians offer top-notch services. The salon uses acrylic, fluid, and poly gel to provide services for natural nails. Only salon-grade products are used in their treatments.

They have expertise in how to take care of nails. They offer a range of nail services at reasonable costs.

Address: 17 Westgate, Bradford BD1 2QL, United Kingdom

WebsiteThe Nail Lounge Bradford

Contact number: +44 1274447887

Reviews: I have Been going to this salon for many years. And I have always been happy with their services. Nail experts are very friendly and attentive. I highly recommend this place. 

4) That Nail Girl

 Nail experts are fully licenced and insured. They offer a wide variety of high-quality treatments. When you arrive, they first determine what shape, style, and design will best suit you, and then they do their work. 

 You have many options for manicure treatments, including creative nails, sparkle nails and more.

Address: 8 Tyersal Rd, Tyersal, Bradford BD4 8ET, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1274398517

Reviews: nail experts are very professional. They also made a great recommendation for my nails. Also, have a wide Verity of colours and designs. Overall it’s a superb experience. 

5) Revive Nails & Beauty

They are the most skilled nail professionals in the area. They have established an impressive client base. They provide nail extensions, pedicures, manicure services, and amazingly creative nail art. 

They specialize in nail care, so your nails always look shiny and great—one of the best nail salons in Bradford. 

Address: 6 Thorp Garth, Bradford BD10 9LD, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1274610688

Reviews: I am totally satisfied with this salon’s services. The technicians were too calm, and they did exactly what I needed. Also, it lasted for many days. It’s the best experience. 


The nail salon industry growth over the past few years. All girls like manicures and pedicures. They always take care of their nails. So it’s a demand in the modern era. But whenever they go to the nail salon, they always follow proper hygiene protocols. 

But if you are living in Bradford, you don’t have to research. We already did it. Above are the best nail salons in Bradford. They Always make sure of the cleanness and follow hygiene protocols. 


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