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Visit These 5 Kid’s Clothing Stores in Birmingham


In the past, kids enjoyed wearing whatever their parents decided for them to wear. But today, every kid wants to wear trendy attire. They wish to be different, casual, and comfortable with themselves.

They desire to dress whichever they want, regardless of having particular favorites. Kids’ clothing consists of ready-made, woolen clothing, nightgowns, tops, season-wise, and natural clothing. Kids like woolen clothes in winter. On the other hand, they like baggy clothes in summer.

So for them, we describe the top 5. Kids clothing store. It is located in Birmingham. It would be best if you tried them. They all provide some best collections of kids’ wear. So watch out for these 5 clothing stores in Birmingham. 

Top 5 Best Kid’s Clothes in Birmingham

1) All Mama’s Children

This is one of Birmingham’s best kids’ clothing stores. They have plenty of shopping services. They provide kids’ clothing and other products like bathing, toys, and other products. 

They also receive credit card payments or other online banking. If you want to purchase it online, you can also buy it on their website.

Address: 51 Frederick Rd, Birmingham B15 1HN, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1216318700

Reviews: I love shopping at this store for my kids. Their clothes are so trendy. Also, they provide high-quality garments, and their prices are very reasonable. Definitely to try one time! 

2) F2 Store (FASHION 2OOO)

This is known as a baby nursery store. Yes, you will buy all born-baby products from this shop. Also, they provide kid’s fashion wear for every aged. And they have some other collections on means wear. 

They provide high-quality material clothes. Also, they are a 5 member staff. Also, you can buy toy products for your kids. 

Address: 445 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4LB, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1217732030

Reviews: this store has the best collection of kid’s clothing. They provide give clothing for new-born to teens. There is something for every age and style. I highly recommend visiting this place. 

3) Kids Wholesale (Mansuri LTD – T/A Nakiah Fashions)

This shop is a wholesaler. This shop provides all kid’s clothing and other accessories. They provide toys, socks, winter clothing, and summer clothes. They also offer bathing suits and tubs etc. 

They have other solutions if you want to avoid going out for your kids shopping. You can buy their products online through their website. 

Address: 56 Mott St, Birmingham B19 3HE, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1212129669

Reviews: this store is the best of the best. My child is fatty. And his height is extended. So I can’t buy an appropriate size and style. But this store carries a wide range of sizes including plus sizes. It’s great to see a store that is inclusive of all kids. 

4) Joules

They provide exclusive offers on special occasions. So you will get a discount on your purchases. They always maintain the quality of clothes. This shop also gives a chance to do online shopping for their website.

Address: Unit 3, Grand Central, Birmingham B2 4BF, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1216343361

Reviews: they provide high-quality clothes at very reasonable prices. I always feel like I’m getting a good deal. And the store is always clean and well organized. 

5) Clothes4kids Wholesale

They sell branded clothes for kids. They offer many clothing items like pajamas, footwear, dresses, and other outfit for kids. If you buy online and you purchase above 150 pounds. You will get free delivery on your order. It’s only for the UK. 

Address: 24 Nansen Rd, Saltley, Birmingham B8 3LD, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 7462945265

Reviews: I love the Variety of styles and colors in this shop. Finding clothes that match my kid’s personality and preferences is easy. Their staff also make sure that their customers are satisfied.


Sometimes shopping for kids might be challenging. Whenever we go shopping for kids, we always make sure of the clothing material and their sizes. So, if you live in Birmingham, you didn’t hesitate. 

Visit these 5 excellent shops and buy your kid’s favorite clothing. And make your kids stylish in this modern era. 


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