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Discovering the Top 5 Florists in Birmingham for Your Next Bouquet


Flowers are a lovely way to express your gratitude to someone. Flowers are a traditional 

gift. You can give this gift on a special occasion like your anniversary or birthday. Also, you can provide a form to cheer someone up.

Need help to figure out where to start with it? Most significant cities have one or more wholesale flower vendors. This flower vendor is referred to as a florist. Florists take care of flowers and sell some bouquets for real flowers. Also, grow some new flowers and ultimately help the environment. 

Birmingham has a wide range of florists. So, if you would like to gift flowers to your special ones, below are the five best florists. So don’t look further. Visit them. And buy flowers and Make your special one happier. 

Top 5 Best Florists in Birmingham

1) Buttercups & Daisies Florist Birmingham

They are an award-winning florist. They offer a variety of flower products, including bouquets and arrangements. The store’s founder is Ranjeet B. Their florists have worked in the field for a total of more than 65 years. 

They guarantee that their arrangements last longer. They exclusively utilize flowers of the highest calibre. They provide a variety of floral arrangements. They use well-chosen wedding flowers to help make your special day memorable. 

Address: 153 Somerford Rd, Birmingham B29 5LB, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1214766534

Reviews: I had the most wonderful experience with this florist. The flowers were stunning. And the customer service was exceptional. I highly recommend them. 

2) Petals Of Madinah

They offer flowers for birthdays, Mother’s Day, and festivals, among other important events. They provide a selection of different giftware, party supplies, balloons, posters, and baskets. 

They offer free delivery service that is available around the area. For £24.99, the store will deliver flowers the next day. Additionally, they also have flowers on Sunday. 

Address: 690 Washwood Heath Rd, Washwood Heath, Birmingham B8 2HQ, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1213282626

Reviews: I have used this florist multiple times. And they never disappointed me. Their flowers are always fresh and beautiful. They always create a custom arrangement that fits my needs. 


They have a WhatsApp ordering option. It allows you to view an image of flower and their order. They provide some fresh flowers. They also process some other services like they offer a 

Address: 645 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B11 4DY, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1216871001

Reviews: I sought a unique and creative arrangement for my mother’s birthday. And this florist exactly gives me that. The flowers are stunning, and the performance was perfect. Try them once time. 

4) Lily Jones Flowers

They have more than ten years of experience. They always provide some fresh and stunning flowers. They also give customized arrangements for every occasion. Their florist specializes in customizable configurations. 

They do exactly whatever you need and require for your occasion. 

Address: 23 Augusta St, Birmingham B18 6JA, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1214487830

Reviews: I have ordered flowers from this florist for my wedding. They were so absolutely beautiful. They gave me a bouquet that matched my vision and budget. I am so happy with their fragrance. 

5) Urban Design Flowers

They provide fresh flowers to local communities. Their flowers are exclusively high quality and stylish. Their florist has originality as well as creativity. This is one of the best florists in Birmingham. You have to try this. 

Address: 1140 Stratford Rd, Birmingham B28 8AE, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1217779789

Reviews: This florist is amazing. They deliver my order on time. And they were even more beautiful than I excepted. I will be using them again in the future. 


Anyone can show their love with flowers. Most people choose flowers as a gift on their occasion. And everyone would like it. So for that, we describe the five best florist shops. 

These shops are one the best shops in Birmingham. So whenever you need flowers, you can purchase them from them. They all are provided fresh flowers. And also offer customised Bouquets for your special day based on your requirement. 


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