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5 Best Banking Lawyers in London


As a complex area of law, banking law necessitates the knowledge of seasoned attorneys to navigate the sector’s complexities successfully. Some renowned banking attorneys in London have built a name for themselves as having great legal knowledge and experience.

The best five banking attorneys in London will be covered in this post, along with their locations, phone numbers, websites, and reviews from previous clients.

Top 5 Best Banking Lawyers in London

1) Ashurst LLP 

At Ashurst, they’re here to advocate fresh concepts and innovate rather than stay up with the times. To fully comprehend their client’s requirements and assist them in achieving their own goals. To go above and beyond the ordinary, to see what others can’t, and to develop solutions that build a brighter future for our clients and their communities.

Due to the tough global economy and rising geopolitical tensions, the banking and financial sector is under increased regulatory and commercial pressure.

Address: London Fruit &Wool Exchange, 1 Duval Square, London, E1 6PW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2076381111

Website: https://www.ashurst.com/

Customer Reviews: Ashurst LLP has a thorough awareness of the financial regulatory environment and can give us specialized practical and business-oriented advice.

2) Scornik Gerstein LLP

A full-service law practice with locations all around the world is Scornik Gerstein LLP. The company aspires to be a client’s first option when they need high-quality legal counsel from lawyers with experience in both common and civil law, particularly when it comes to cross-border issues.

They are a multidisciplinary firm with experience in criminal, civil, and commercial law as well as litigation, real estate, probate, family law, personal injury, medical malpractice, Banking, employment, taxation, and child abduction.

Address: 9-10 Staple Inn, 2nd Floor, London WC1V 7QH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2078317070

Website: https://www.scornik.com/

Customer Reviews: An outstanding attorney, Scornik Gerstein LLP. She can offer wise counsel based on experience because of her unmatched grasp of banking law.

3) Kadmos Consultants 

A specialized boutique group of immigration attorneys in London is called Kadmos Consultants. The company was founded in 2006 to provide specialized assistance on issues about immigration to the UK. A lawyer is Mrs. Helena Sheizon.

They have assisted hundreds of customers with every step of the immigration process, from the preliminary application for entrance permission to the application for British citizenship. They competently manage petitions for immigrating as a family and worker, including petitions for Global Talent visas and for self-sponsorship in the UK. 

Address: 166 College Road, Harrow, London HA1 1BH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2089309503

Website: https://www.kadmosimmigration.com/

Customer Reviews: Outstanding legal counsel may be found from Kadmos Consultants. Has a thorough understanding of the complex legal challenges that emerge in the banking sector, and he can offer workable solutions that are suited to our particular requirements.

4) Crowell & Moring LLP

A worldwide legal company, Crowell & Moring LLP, serves clients in litigation, arbitration, regulatory, policy, and transactional and business matters. The firm has offices in the United States, Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia.

The firm’s representation of Fortune 500 businesses in contentious legal cases and situations involving the government and its continued dedication to pro bono work, diversity, equity, and inclusion have earned it recognition on a global scale. 

Address: Tower 42, 25 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1HQ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2074130011           

Website: https://www.crowell.com/en

Customer Reviews: Crowell & Moring is a superb attorney. Please provide us with sage counsel that is catered to our particular circumstances since she is thoroughly aware of the financial regulatory landscape.

5) Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP 

A specialist dispute/litigation law company with a basis in London, England, is Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP. Legal services include wills & probate, residential and commercial conveyancing, commercial and personal litigation, bankruptcy, immigration, employment, landlord and tenant, copyright disputes, family and divorce law, landlord and tenant, contractual disputes, property law, and music and entertainment law.

The experienced staff at the business comprises lawyers, consultants in music law, and solicitors. Modern-thinking and friendly, Simons Rodkin Solicitors LLP is a law practice. 

Address: 32 Bloomsbury Street, London WC1B 3QJ, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2071128841

Website: https://www.sr-law.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Simons Rodkin deeply understands the banking industry and can provide practical, business-oriented advice tailored to our specific needs.


These are the top 5 banking attorneys in London, to sum up. They are well-known in the legal world and have a wealth of knowledge in assisting banks and other financial institutions on various issues. These attorneys are among the top in the field and are worth considering if you want legal counsel in the banking sector.


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