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Try Out Best 5 Greek Food in Glasgow


Greece has a long history and a vibrant culture that are still present today. One of the main characteristics of this culture is its distinctive cuisine, which has long attracted both tourists and locals.

Greek dishes known as a Greek food or a Greek cuisine. Greek cuisine offers an extremely rich and diverse selection of dishes and drinks. Every Greek meal is delicious and enticing. And this food takes you to trip on Greek.

Are you love to experience a Greek food? If yes. Then you come to the right place. Here we describe best 5 Greek food restaurant which are the best in Glasgow. So why took so time? Just go on this restaurant and experienced it’s richly flavour.

Top 5 Best Greek food in Glasgow:

1) Halloumi Glasgow

They serves classic Greek cuisine that is flavorful and true to taste. You would undoubtedly taste the best Greek food that only they can give here. they serve a variety of delicious dishes from their extensive menu. It is expertly designed through their skilled chef.

You can go through their morning meal, all-day, dessert, and drinks menus to locate the greatest meals to satisfy even your pickiest taste buds.

Address: 161 Hope St, Glasgow G2 2UQ, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.halloumiglasgow.co.uk/

Contact number: +44 1412041616

Reviews : I absolutely loved Greek food at this restaurant. The gyro was perfectly seasoned and the tzatziki sauce was delicious. Also there feta cheese and olives in the Greek salad are too yummy. I will definitely be back.

2) Elia Greek Restaurant

They offers a wide variety of dishes. It is made with the best meat, spices, and other components. They provide a selection of appetisers, pasta meals, and main courses such as lamb, and prawn skewers. For a more full supper, there are additional options for salads and side dishes.

Address : 24 George Square, Glasgow G2 1EG, United Kingdom

Website : https://eliagreekrestaurant.com/

Contact number: +44 1412219988

Reviews : I had never tried Greek food before but I was so impressed with how good it was. The moussaka was flavourful. I really enjoyed the dolmades. This restaurant if a must visit for anyone who loves Mediterranean cuisine.

3) Kastriot’s Mediterranean Bar & Grill

They Delivers the most flavorful, delicious Greek food. Every day, they make all of their meals from fresh meat, veggies, herbal products, and spices.

Address : 7-11 Main St, Baillieston, Glasgow G69 6SG, United Kingdom

Website : https://www.kastriotsbarandgrill.co.uk/

Contact number : +44 1413878003

Reviews : I have been a regular at this Greek restaurant for many years. And they never disappoints. The lamb souvlaki is my favourite dish. It’s always cooked to perfect. The service is also great and the prices are very reasonable.

4) Yiamas Greek Taverna

This is the best in Greek food restaurant in Glasgow. Their chefs are highly trained in Greek food. Also they all are experienced in this industry.

Address : 16-20 Bath St, Glasgow G2 1HB, United Kingdom

Website : https://www.yiamas-greek-taverna.co.uk/

Contact number : +44 1413531386

Reviews : I visited this place when I am on vacation. The lemon potatoes were also a standout dish. I highly recommend this place to anyone who love Greek food.

5) Cranside Kitchen

As you can assume from the name, it is situated closest to the famous Finnieston Crane and offers a wide range of culinary options. Also it is open for a seven days on week. You will get breakfast, lunch and dinner with your special one at here.

If you have a pet, they will allow your pet inside this restaurant.

Address : 28 Tunnel St, Glasgow G3 8HL, United Kingdom

Website : https://www.cransidekitchen.co.uk/

Contact number : +44 1418470110

Reviews : I ordered takeout from this Greek restaurant. And I am so impressed with their delicious food. The chicken gyro was juicy and flavourful. And pita bread I can’t forget that taste. It’s a amazing, great and excellent.


The Mediterranean-style diet is the foundation of all classic Greek cuisine. It is made with some vegetables, pasta, cheese, and olive oil. Greek cuisine is flavorful because it frequently uses ingredients like onions, cloves, and a wide range of herbs and spices. Greek food is not particularly hot, but it’s a rich flavour.

So, if you would you like to experience the rich flavour of Greek food, you will find it in this 5 places. These are the best 5 restaurants in Glasgow. Here you will find the best Greek food which you will never experienced.


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