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5 Best Antitrust and Trade Law Lawyer in London


Antitrust and trade law lawyers in London specialize in advising clients on competition law matters and regulatory issues related to international trade. Antitrust laws are designed to promote fair competition in the marketplace and prevent monopolies, while trade laws regulate the flow of goods and services across international borders.

Antitrust and trade law lawyers in London have a deep understanding of both UK and EU competition law and international trade laws and regulations. They have experience working with clients in various industries, including finance, healthcare, telecommunications, and energy, among others.

Top 5 Best Antitrust and Trade Law Lawyer in London

1) Paul Hastings LLP

Paul Hastings has a good reputation in the legal industry and is generally well-regarded by its clients. The firm is known for its high-quality legal advice and client-focused approach. Clients appreciate the firm’s responsiveness, professionalism, and ability to provide practical solutions to complex legal issues.

Address: 100 Bishopsgate, London, POST-LON, EC2N 4AG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2030235100

Website: https://paulhastings.com

Customer Reviews: I had a very productive chat with them. They quickly grasped the concept of my project hence were able to provide appropriate advice to point me in the right direction.

2) Transatlantic Law International

Based on the capabilities of top independent affiliates and over 4500 counsel in every major region and business hub of the world, Transatlantic Law International is a dynamic and innovative international law firm that does things differently and more effectively while offering high-quality, cost-effective solutions on a single service platform. 24/7, they offer worldwide commercial law services to our clients.

Address: 42 Brook St, London W1K 5DB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2071001631

Website: https://www.transatlanticlaw.com/

Customer Reviews: I recommend them for legal matters and will continue cooperating with them for my business matters in the UK. They were very helpful and gave us honest advice. I would highly recommend it.

3) White & Case LLP

The firm has received positive client reviews for its high-quality legal advice and exceptional client service. Clients appreciate the firm’s responsiveness, deep knowledge and expertise, and ability to provide practical solutions to complex legal issues.

The firm is also praised for its collaborative and proactive approach and its innovative use of technology to enhance its legal services.

Address: 5 Old Broad Street, London EC2N 1DW.

Contact: +44 2075321000

Website: https://www.whitecase.com

Customer Reviews: Every dealing we’ve ever had with W&C has been first-rate. They completed legal services on time and satisfied us at a very reasonable price.

4) Steptoe & Johnson

The reputation of Steptoe & Johnson UK LLP for offering excellent regulatory, litigious, and transactional counsel is solid. Their lawyers assist customers with multi-jurisdictional, cross-border issues by offering various legal services to clients from across the world to help them achieve their goals in an environment that is becoming more complicated and difficult for business and commerce. They stand up for businesses, financial institutions, insurers, investors, high-net-worth people, and corporate officials.

Address: 5 Aldermanbury, Barbican, London EC2V 7HR, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2073678000

Website: https://www.steptoe.com/en/

Customer Reviews: It is an excellent legal firm that you can hire for your matters. They are very reliable and professional. They are very neat in their service and highly responsible for reviewing your case thoroughly.

5) Winston & Strawn London LLP

The worldwide antitrust/competition experts at Winston & Strawn assist clients in various sectors to address their most challenging issues. Their widely recognized lawyers are proud to offer a full range of related services, including advice and representation on all aspects of international cartel defense, civil and criminal litigation, government investigations, mergers and acquisitions, regulatory counseling, and compliance. They regularly handle issues of every size and scope.

Address: Level 33, 100 Bishopsgate, London, EC2N 4AG United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2070118700

Website: https://www.winston.com/en/

Customer Reviews: It is a fantastic restart program for those over the 50s like me. Winston & Strawn has given me a new cheque for limitless opportunities in life and steps in the right direction.


Antitrust and trade law lawyers in London are crucial in helping businesses and organizations navigate the complex and ever-changing regulatory environment related to competition law and international trade.

They provide strategic advice on compliance with relevant laws and regulations, help clients manage risk, and support clients in achieving their business objectives while staying within the bounds of the law.

Antitrust and trade law lawyers in London have a deep understanding of both UK and EU competition law and international trade laws and regulations. They bring extensive experience and knowledge to their work, having worked with clients across various industries and jurisdictions.


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