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5 Best Party Planning in Leicester


In the United Kingdom, Leicester is a thriving metropolis renowned for its multicultural population, extensive cultural history, and active events scene. There are numerous top-notch party planning services in Leicester that can assist you in making your unique occasion, whether it be a wedding, business event, private party, or any other special occasion, an unforgettable one.

Based on their address, phone number, website, and client testimonials, we’ve selected the top 5 party planning services in Leicester and featured them in this list.

Top 5 Best Party Planning in Leicester

1) Premier UK Events Ltd

Premier Events is a reputable and well-known full-service company. Their staff has experience organising and carrying out effective events that are also interesting and memorable. 

You won’t have to worry about organising several vendors because they can handle every part of your event from starting to ending. They also provide a variety of packages to suit various spending limits and event themes.

Premier Events has the knowledge and adaptability to help you in creating and carrying out the ideal event.

Address: 2 Rookery Ln, Thurmaston, Leicester LE4 8AU, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1162029953

Website: https://premier-ltd.com/

Customer reviews: Last year ago, I  am married. I hire this event planner. I am so impressed with their creativity and ideas. They really give some unique concept which we can’t imagine. They make my marriage so memorable.

2) X-Clusive Events

They provide stunning mandaps, tasteful reception décor, and beautiful bouquets. They provide services for event and wedding décor. Whether you want a traditional, classic, or modern look. They’ll help you represent your individual style.

Address: Vulcan Business Centre, Vulcan Rd, Leicester LE5 3EB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7508312554

Website: http://www.x-clusiveevents.co.uk/

Customer reviews: The party planner is incredible. They always take care of every part of the event. So I don’t need to worry about anything. They do their work smoothly. They always do their work before the time.  So I don’t need to worry.

3) The Platinum Suite

This is the best Place for any event. They offer a variety of events like marriage, birthday parties, And other occasions. Also you just want to decide this venue and they will get you the best event planner for your requirement.

Address: Cobden St, Leicester LE1 2LB, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1162537766

Website: http://www.platinumsuite.co.uk/

Customer reviews: This is a fantastic place. Their staff are so kind and helpful. They always give polite answers to my questions.  I was so happy with my decision that I planned my party in this place.

4) The Sapphire Suite

This is the best place if you wanted to arrange a party.  Their look is so good. It is a very broad and highly furnished hall. Also they provide best lighting for your night party. Also you are secure with their web camera. So you don’t worry about the other bad things in your party.

Address: 88 Surrey St, Leicester LE4 6FG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7872110213

Website: http://www.sapphireevents.co.uk/

Customer reviews: I hired this to place my kids’ party. When I hear their ideas, I guess this is definitely expensive. But I am so surprised because they arrange my party in my budget. And the work is excellent, superb and fantastic.

5) Tickled Skink

This is run by Nisha and Kam Mistry . They  offers a high-end wedding and event planning service. Together, they  will concentrate on the specifics and pay close attention to every last detail to produce a perfect event.

Nisha develops innovative ideas and stunning designs that perfectly capture the customers .

Kam provide A high end planning service. She carry out the custom design process. It’s all about emphasising your personality through stunning décor, extravagant designs, and carefully vetted vendors for your event.

Address: Loughborough Rd, Belgrave, Leicester LE4 5LR, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7714536337

Website: http://www.niche.wedding/

Customer reviews: My brother is so traditional. So he want that his marriage done in traditional way. So we hire niche . They are so good. They have so many creative concepts and also their staff are so kind and knowledgeable.


There are several outstanding party planning firms in Leicester that can assist you in creating an event to remember, from Anoki Events to Enchanted Weddings & Events. Everyone may find what they’re searching for in Leicester, whether they want a marquee rental provider or a full-fledged event planning firm. These party planning services will guarantee the success of your upcoming event with their attention to detail, creativity, and individualized service.


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