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5 Best Dog Grooming in Leicester


Finding the appropriate dog grooming shop can make all the difference in ensuring that your furry companion looks and feels their best. Dog grooming is a crucial part of responsible pet ownership. There are numerous dog grooming salons in Leicester, but not all of them provide the same quality of care and service.

In this post, we rank the top five dog grooming salons in Leicester, taking into account a variety of elements like location, services provided, client feedback, and more.

Top 5 Best Dog Grooming in Leicester

1) The Dog House

Breed standards, pet trims, and hand stripping are just a few of the pet grooming services provided by The Dog House Canine Spa. Their professional staff of fully licensed, insured, and experienced dog groomers understands your pup and works toward a cut that complements your preferences and way of life.

Deciding to choose a dog groomer is difficult, but The Dog House Canine Spa makes it simpler by providing meet and greets for all new customers. 

Address: 12 Digby Drive, Syston, Leicester LE13 0RQ, UK

Contact: +44 1664501812

Website: https://thedoghouseleicester.co.uk/

Customer review: I m so impressed with this place.  Groomer listened to my specific request and did exactly  what I wanted . So go there and groom your dog.

2) Betty Blair’s Dog Groomers

Betty Blair aims to provide the highest caliber grooming service. No job is too large or too small for them to handle since they provide the finest pricing on everything from a Full Groom or a trim to a straightforward bath and dry.

They have received complete training in dog grooming, dog training, and animal health expertise. So they take pride in working with challenging canines and providing for their requirements. The dog must always come first, so they work around it and go at their own pace to minimize stress.

Address: 84 Avebury Avenue, Leicester, LE4 0HB

Contact: 07715463957

Website: https://bettyblairs.wixsite.com/betty-blairs

Customer Review: The staff is friendly and professional, and my dog always looks amazing after a visit. I recommend them to anyone looking for a top-notch grooming salon.

3) Wendy’s Dog Groomers

Based in Leicester, Wendy’s Dog Groomers is a reputable dog grooming establishment. Their groomers love dogs and have a depth of knowledge in handling, managing, training, caring for, and breeding canines.

Their groomers have completed several courses in dog grooming, and their salon has a fully qualified groomer. Their salon is spotless and organized. Their skilled groomers provide a variety of contemporary looks to meet the needs and preferences of all of their clients. 

Contact: +44 7748001240

Website: http://wendysdoggroomers.com/

Customer review: I’ve been taking my dog to The Dog House for years and they always do a fantastic job. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and my dog loves going there.

4) Lulu Dog Services

The groomers at the salon are skilled and welcoming, and they go above and beyond to make sure that your dog is at ease during the whole grooming procedure. Located in Leicester, Dog Grooming Services has only operated in its current location at 110 Greenhill Road for just more than a year. 

Your dog will be the only one in their care at this time because they specialize in working with anxious and “hard to handle” pets and provide lengthier appointments on a 1-2-1 basis.

Address: 110 Greenhill Road, LE2 3DL, Leicester

Contact: 07312111490

Website: https://www.luludogservices.co.uk/

Customer Review: The Dog Parlor is a masterstroke! The staff is fantastic and always takes excellent care of my dog. There is nowhere else I would take him!

5) Wigston Dog Groomers

Leicester-based Wigston Dog Groomers is a reputable and reasonably priced pet grooming establishment. They take great satisfaction in providing a one-of-a-kind home-away-from-home setting and service so your furry family pet may play and interact in their safe garden and unwind before receiving some pampering.

Additionally, they offer puppy packages available to meet your pup’s needs. One-on-one grooming fosters confidence and trust, ensuring every groom is content and at ease every time.

Address: 2 Florence Avenue, Leicester LE18 4LQ, UK

Contact: +44 7717798212

Website: http://www.wigstondoggroomers.co.uk/

Customer review: fantastic, my dog look so amazing. I am really satisfied with it.


Finding the best dog grooming salon is essential for your pet’s health and welfare. The five dog grooming establishments in Leicester that we have located have all received excellent reviews and provide various services to suit each unique dog’s needs. 


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