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5 Best Fish and Chips in Leicester


We have the five best Fish and Chips in Leicester with their websites, addresses, and customer reviews. These restaurants serve food of great quality. The fish and chips in these restaurants are very fresh and yummy. You can visit there at any time. You will always be satisfied. For tasty fish and chips, you must visit these restaurants once.

Top 5 Best Fish and Chips in Leicester

1) Blue Ocean Chippy

It is a brilliant chip shop. They offer very tasty fish and many other items. Their shop is very clean. You can visit them and eat your meal. You can also order online. They deliver food on time. It is very cheap but sells quality food.

Address: 36a The Fairway, Leicester LE3 6LN, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1163191771

Website: Blue Ocean Chippy

Customer review: The food they serve is always fresh and very tasty. Their team is very chatty and friendly. They have many different varieties of food on the menu they offer. The quality of the kebab and battered fish was also very good.  

2) The Ocean Fish Bar

The Ocean Fish Bar is one of the very good fish and chip shops in Leicester. They serve high-quality foods. The fish served by them is always fresh quality. Their team is very helpful and kind and always provides excellent customer service. The fish and chips in The Ocean Fish Bar are very tasty. 

Address: 4A Lutterworth Rd, Aylestone, Leicester LE2 8PE, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1162834764

Website: The Ocean Fish Bar

Customer Reviews: The fish and chips were very lovely. It is a great value for money. The staff who served me at the counter was very friendly. The quality of the food was the best. It is one of the best chip shops in Leicester. I had already recommended it to my many friends.

3) Grewal Fish and Chips

Grewal Fish and Chips provide the top service. They serve very fresh chips. They also use separate oil for vegetarians. The owner and the staff are very humble and hard-working. The shop is very hygienic and clean.  

Address: 58 Catherine St, Leicester LE4 6BB, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1162253275

WebsiteGrewal Fish and Chips

Customer Reviews:  It is a very good shop for chips, especially for vegetarian ones, as they use separate oil for frying chips for a vegetarian. The staff was very friendly too. This is the most underrated chip shop in Leicester. You will always be satisfied. 

4) Welford Chippy

Welford Chippy always serves fresh fish and chips and maintains hygiene, which is very important. They also provide food delivery at the exact time given by them. The staff is very cool and friendly. Welford Chippy includes service on time. You don’t have to wait for very long for your food.    

Address: 17-19 Welford Rd, Leicester LE2 7AD, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1162555590

Website: https://welfordchippy.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: I ordered fish, chips, and a kebab. Everything was superb and very tasty. The chips were very fresh. The customer service was amazing. The manager was very friendly with everyone. I also liked the location—very good lighting and music. I enjoyed sitting there and having such tasty food with my family. 

5) Fish Chips

It is an award-winning restaurant in Leicester for fish and chips. The interior of the restaurant is awesome. The quality of the food is excellent. The customer service is very great. Overall it is a very good restaurant in Leicester. 

Address: 6 Beaumont Way, Beaumont Leys, Leicester LE4 1DH, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1162352668

Website: Fish Chips

Customer Reviews: The fish was absolutely tasty. I went for lunch, which was a busy one, but their staff worked hard to provide the best services to everyone. The prices for all the stuff were also fair. The quality was great, and it’s a good value for money. I would recommend it.  


So these are some top Fish and Chips in Leicester. Their team and services will give you the best services by providing you with quality food.

If you are in Leicester and looking for some best restaurants for fish and chips, then you must try these five restaurants for fish and chips. For online orders, you can contact them by visiting their websites, or you can also visit their restaurants. 


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