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Find the Best Five Dance Studios in Birmingham


A dance studio is a physical location which is designated specifically for the practice and teaching of dance. It frequently has a dancing floor, mirrors, sound devices, and restrooms. Dancers of all ages can learn and develop their skills in the secure and supportive atmosphere of the dance studios. Dance Improves your mobility, versatility, and balance. 

It also Enhanced spatial understanding and balance. It Improves self-assurance in the body—and Enhances mental performance. So dance is ultimately an exercise. Birmingham has a wide variety of dance studios. 

We describe the best five dance studios which are located in Birmingham. So, you can easily learn your dance steps either party or for marriage. Also, for your daily rehearsal. Don’tDon’t look further and contact the below dance Studios. 

Top 5 Best Dance Studios in Birmingham


They have An experienced dancing specialist. They have properly qualified, DBS-checked employees. It has won awards for being Birmingham’sBirmingham’s best dance school. They take great pride in the hundreds of kids and teenagers who trained with them. 

They were able to land outstanding stage and film roles. They draw students from the nearby cities of Birmingham and others.

Address: 1 Stephenson Dr, Birmingham B37 9AF, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1212423904

Reviews: I recently started taking classes at this dance studio. And I am so happy about that. The instructor is very knowledgeable and patient. And they make the lessons fun. So, no one bore. Very enjoyable. 

2) Sparkles School of Dance

They serve all levels of dancers and athletes. They provide give a professional and welcoming service. They constantly welcome new members. They also provide fairly priced dance classes. Sparkles School of Dance offers a lot of weekly sessions for enjoyment. 

And they support their students in a professional dance career or training.

Address: Cooks Ln, Fordbridge, Birmingham B37 6NU, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 7894580079

Reviews: my kids are taking classes at this dance studio. I am very impressed with the instructor. They are very talented. And they can efficiently teach complex dance moves. Also, the studio is very clean. 

3) Penelopes dance studio

They provide a wide variety of dance classes for every aged people. They have more than 40 years of expertise in the field. They welcome you to schedule a dance lesson with them and experience the joys of dance.

Thanks to their properly qualified team, each youngster can benefit from their thorough and honest instruction.

Address: 107 Bell Ln, Kitt’sKitt’s Green, Marston Green, Birmingham B33 0HX, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1217793747

Reviews: This dance studio’sstudio’s environment is comfortable and enjoyable. The choreographer is very impressive and talented. I recommend this dance studio. 

4) Corky Bell Dance Studio

It has four sites. They have more than ten years of experience in their field. They provide dance classes and host theatre, singing, pageantry, and ballroom dancing seminars. You can take private lessons from this dance studio. 

Address: 159 Oxmoor Rd, Birmingham, AL 35209, United States


Contact number: +1 2059425544

Reviews: I have been taking classes at this dance studio for several years. And it has changed my life. Choreographers generally care about their students. They are supportive and creative. This is my second home. 

5) The Pointe Dance Arts

Master dances and choreographers travel here and offer workshops. Dances Studio also provides summer programmes, spins and jumps technique, and endurance training. They have Five sizable dance spaces with sprung flooring. The atmosphere is energetic and clean.

Address: 1031 Brock’sBrock’s Gap Parkway, Suite 265, Birmingham, AL 35244, United States


Contact number: +1 2055185389

Reviews: I recently joined this dance studio. The studio is equipped with all of the dancing and sound gadgets. It is very helpful for learning and development. You should attend this dance studio. 


Dance is the best thing for every person, from kids to adults. And dance is a relaxing exercise. So many people wanted to join dance studios. 

The above-listed five dance Studios are the best in Birmingham. They provide the best dance classes. Also, they have an all-dancing and sound system. Their spaces are always clean and organized, so your child can learn in a new environment. 


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