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5 Best Fence Contractors in Leicester


We have the 5 best Lence Contractors in Leicester with their websites, addresses, customer reviews which can help you at the click of a button. These Contractors will help you in your fencing services. They provide services in every area, domestic or industrial.

You can take advice from them about the designs and colours of the doors while installing the new doors. They will provide quality services and guarantee on their work.

Top 5 Best Fence Contractors in Leicester

1) NCK Fencing Ltd

NCK Fencing Ltd has 19 years of experience. All their customers are 100% satisfied with their work. They serve in both commercial and domestic areas. They provide a 3 year guarantee on all the work they do. They have a team of fully qualified and trained professionals. They provide the best services to everyone.

Address: 19 Home Ave, Leicester LE3 3UR, United Kingdom

Website: NCK Fencing Ltd

Customer review: I am very happy with the new double gate which was installed by Nathan. He was very polite and worked hard to install my new date at my home. He did a very good job. He was very professional and a very good person to deal with. We would highly recommend them.

2) Smith’s Quality Fencing

All the work of Smith’s Quality Fencing is of high quality. He has 19 years of experience. He has a speciality in all types of fencing, whether it’s domestic or industrial. All the work done by him has a guarantee of 3 years. He will provide the best advice and high quality services. l

Address: Pitchens Cl, Leicester LE4 1AG, United Kingdom.

Website: https://smithsqualityfencing.webs.com

Customer Reviews: The work done by Pete was very good. He is a professional. He helped me by suggesting a great way to tackle the problem which I had with the fences. After finishing the work, he left everything clean. He did a perfect job. I am very sure that I will use his services again in future.

3) B S Fencing and Gate

B S Fencing and Gate is a family business which has experience over 30 years. Their services are very reliable with a friendly staff and quality work. They undertake all types of fencing services and also wooden and iron gates.

Address: 15 Asquith Blvd, Leicester LE2 6FD, United Kingdom.

Website: https://directory.leicestormercury.co.uk

Customer Reviews: They did their work very efficiently. I fitted a new gate. I am really impressed by their work. They did their work very cleanly. Their service was great. They also helped me to clean the area after fitting a new gate.

4) Zaffron Fencing

Zaffron Fencing is an independent family business. All the materials are also manufactured by them so they give the guarantee of the fencing that you purchase. All the materials are of high quality and at a very good and reasonable price. They also offer traditionals and decorative fences. .

Address: 56 Percy Rd, Leicester LE2 8FP, United Kingdom.

Website: https://zaffronfencing.co.uk

Customer Reviews: It is a very nice family run business. I have been taking help from them for many years. They provide great customer service. They have a very good stock at good prices. I would highly recommend them.

5) Abbott and Son Fencing

Abbott and Son Fencing is a family run business. They have been working for 20 years. The fence which will be installed by them will be lifelong because they use tantalized wood. They provide a 5 year guarantee.

Address: 25b Abingdon Rd, Leicester LE2 1HA, United Kingdom.

Website: https://www.yell.com

Customer Reviews: I am very happy with my new fence which was installed by them. It is very good in quality. It is even better than the fence which I had with a 5 year guarantee. I am very satisfied with the fencing which is of excellent quality.


So these are some top Fence Contractors in Leicester. Their team and services will give you the best services by providing you quality fencing services. If you are in Leicester and you want to install doors or want any fencing services then these fencing contractors will definitely help you. You can contact them with the help of their websites or by visiting their shops.


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