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5 Best Chocolate Shops in Leicester


Do you want to try new Chocolates or snacks without wasting your money? But don’t know from where? Then we have the 5 best Chocolate Shops in Leicester with their websites, addresses, customer reviews which can help you at the click of a button. These shops have many types of different chocolates from different countries. The prices of their stuff are also reasonable. You can enjoy their chocolates by visiting their shops or by ordering online also.

Top 5 Best Chocolate Shops in Leicester

1) Hotel Chocolate

They have a wide collection of luxurious chocolates. Their staff is very knowledgeable and passionate and they will help you to buy the exact product that you are looking for. Their store has a wide variety of chocolate from different countries. Their team always helps you by giving expert advice. They have chocolates from almost every brand, from the very famous to the unusual.

Address: High Cross Shopping Centre, 5 Shires Ln, Leicester LE1 4AN, United Kingdom

Website: Hotel Chocolate

Customer review: They sell high quality chocolates which is actually very beneficial for your health as compared to the junk which are sold in other shops. My visit was absolutely worth it and I will definitely visit again. The staff was very helpful and calm. I am very happy with my items. This shop is fantastic.

2) Cocoa Amore Ltd

Cocoa Amore offers the best service and variety of chocolate options for any occasion. They opened their first store in 2013. So now they have a very good experience. They have a lot of options of chocolates to offer at a very reasonable price. They have very tasty hot chocolates with amazing customer service.

Address: 34 Silver St, Leicester LE1 5ET, United Kingdom.

Website: https://cocoa-amore.co.uk

Customer Reviews: The store is very wonderful and fantastic. The hot chocolate was very cheap and tasty. You can also make your own hot chocolate at a very cheap price. The atmosphere was very good. It was absolutely wonderful. Highly recommend it.

3) Hollywood Candy

Hollywood Candy is one of the best American Candy Shop in Leicester. They have a large variety of chocolates from every country. Their team is very helpful and they will help to find the best items. The prices of their stuff are very reasonable with excellent quality.

Address: 81 Charles St, Leicester LE1 1FA, United Kingdom.

Contecat Number: +44 7825500232

Website: Hollywood Candy

Customer Reviews: It was the best American candy shop in Leicester which has everything you are looking for. Their staff is very friendly and welcoming. The store has excellent prices for all their items. Absolutely loved the store. It has a great variety of stuff. I would highly recommend it.

4) Candy’s Corner

Candy’s Corner has each and every kind of candy. Their store is very big and they have a lot of options to offer their customers. The prices are very cheap for all the stuff. They also have new and different kinds of candies.

Address: 50 St Stephens Rd, Leicester LE2 1GG, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.yell.com

Customer Reviews: This is the best shop in the world. There are so many items which are very affordable and yummy. They have every kind of candy. Their team is very nice and friendly. Overall the place was amazing. I had already recommended it.

5) American Candy

American Candy also takes online orders. They have a lot of snacks and chocolates to offer. Their team provides excellent customer services. The atmosphere in the shop is very good with soft music.

Address: Unit 66, Highcross Shopping Centre, Leicester LE1 4FP, United KIngdom.

Website: https://americancandys.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: The customer service was excellent. It was really a very good experience there. My family and I were very excited to visit there. It is a very good shop to try new snacks. The store is very large with a good selection of candies and sweets.


So these are some top Chocolate Shops in Leicester. Hotel Chocolate, Cocoa Amore Ltd, Hollywood Candy, Candy’s Corner, American Candy are the 5 top Chocolate Shops which will provide you with reliable services. Their services and stuff will give you satisfaction. If you are in Leicester and want to try new snacks or chocolates then these shops will definitely help you.


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