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Hire the Best Five Wedding Planners in Glasgow for Your Wedding


A wedding is a memorable event in every person’s life. Every couple values this day greatly; therefore, the celebration must be treated and handled in identical ways.

Wedding planning requires a significant time investment. Couples frequently spend hours planning the specifics of their ceremony and reception, from hiring suppliers to selecting every piece of décor. 

Fortunately, the bride and groom don’t have to shoulder that burden alone. Hiring a wedding planner makes the whole thing much simpler and more pleasurable. So, that’s why we give the best five wedding planners in Glasgow. So hire them for your wedding and give them a chance to make it memorable. 

Top 5 Best Wedding Planners in Glasgow 

1) SuperNova Wedding Design & Flowers

Emma and Ruth are the founders of this place. They design and produce stunning, fashion-forward weddings all around Glasgow. They provide excellent floral arrangements that are made with luxurious wedding décor. They ensure that their client’s dreams come true. 

They make sure your reservation with them won’t cause you any stress. 

Address: 24, New Albion Industrial Estate, Halley St, Glasgow G13 4DJ, United Kingdom

Website: https://supernovaweddingdesign.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 845 269 2189

Reviews: I hired Supernova for my brother’s wedding. And my brother was so happy with their result. From start to finish, they were professional, responsive, and incredibly creative. They helped us bring our vision to life. 

2) 88 Events

Sheila Samuels started 88 Events. She creates beautiful table capes. They always style tables in the most excellent way possible. More than 40 distinct types of charger plates and candelabra are available from the planners. 

Address: 157-159 Woodville St, Ibrox, Glasgow G51 2RQ, United Kingdom

Website: http://www.88events.com/

Contact Number: +44 1414452288

Reviews: as a busy couple, we knew we needed a wedding planner. That’s why we turned to 88 events. They were a lifesaver. They took care of everything from vendor coordination to timeline creation.

3) Events by Anna H

They Deliver customized event management services. They are happy to have been a part of 1000 successful weddings. Whatever your requirements, their pleasant employees will ensure your event works successfully. Whatever your needs, they do precisely what you want. They also take care of their client’s budgets. 

Address: 38 Queen St, Glasgow G1 3DX, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.eventsbyannah.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 7583631384

Reviews: I can’t recommend this wedding planner enough. They were so easy to work with. Also, they understand our style and vision. I am so impressed with the attention that they give to every detail. 

4) Crest Events

They provide a stress-free celebration that would like to all your guests. They provide a bespoke service. Also, they offer some personalized services for your dreamy celebration. They offer all wedding things, from led booths to dancing floors. 

Address: 35 Levern Bridge Pl, Glasgow G53 7AB, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.crestevents.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 1412660044

Reviews: our wedding day was everything we dreamed of and more, and it is only possible with a crest event. 

5) LBS Event Design & Wedding Planners

This is an award-winning wedding planner. They provide stunning and creative ideas for your celebration at affordable prices. They give different types of themes to your celebration. They Guarantee that they are always up to your expectations. 

Address: Village, 27 Low Road Huntershill, 102 Crowhill Rd, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow G64 1RP, United Kingdom

Website: https://lbseventdesignandweddingplanne.godaddysites.com/

Contact Number: +44 7791152320

Reviews: working with this wedding planner was an absolute pleasure. They ensure everything is perfect, from the flowers to the food to the music. They were incredibly organized all of the things. 


Soon to be married? Have you given it much thought but need help figuring out where to start?

Yes, this is the point at which a wedding planner is necessary. Then it would help if you considered hiring a wedding planner to handle every last detail of your wedding. They ensure that everything goes off without a hitch because they have expertise in creating lifelong memories.

So, if you want to make your wedding your dream, hire the best wedding planner in Glasgow. I am damn sure they make your day exactly what you want. 


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