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5 Best Tattoo Artist in Leicester


A tattoo artist uses a thin, sterile needle to inject ink and other pigments just beneath the skin to permanently mark images or messages on their clients’ body. Tattoo artists might open their own businesses it is called tattoo shop or tattoo studio. They provide private services to clients, or work for other people.

Tattoo artists must be able to satisfy client requests and wants while also giving clients advice on tattoo-related matters such as shape, dimension, shade, and position on the body. If you are living in Leicester and wanted to draw tattoo you come to the right place.

We describe the 5 best places for you where you can get best tattoo artist. They done a best tattoo for your requirement On your every part of body. So check out these 5 tattoo shops in Leicester.

Top 5 Tattoo Artist in Leicester:


The shop offers top-notch tattoos .They collaborate with a variety of resident-visiting artists from the UK and other countries . Their artists are pleasant and give you their undivided attention while they discuss your design.

They try their greatest to make customers comfortable . Customers come to the tattoo parlor from all across the nation. Their tattoo representing various ethnicities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Address : 7 Silver St, Leicester LE1 5YN, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 1162512125

Website : https://www.blackmarkettattoos.com/

Customer review : I got my first tattoo from the other place which is not good. So I tried this place . And the artist make my tattoo which I exactly need. He is so patient and skilled.

2) Saint Maria Tattooing

tattoo artists Mike Love and Lydia Amor is the owner of this tattoo shop. They produce exceptionally fine and precise work. They jointly run the business. The other painters of this shop also be doing fine, and the studio is very pleasant and spotless!

Address : 27 Horsefair St, Leicester LE1 5BP, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 1163192021

Website : https://saintmariatattooing.com/

Customer review : I was nervous about getting tattoo, but the staff from this made me feel comfortable. They really listened to what I wanted and helped me come up with perfect design.


This is the well known tattoo shop in Leicester .For more than 18 years, it has provided services to the people of Leicester. The tattoo studio is a reputable place where you can get premium tattooing solutions in a tidy and secure setting.

They provide their customers the greatest calibre of artistic work from their pleasant staff of tattoo artists.

Address : 157 Fosse Rd N, Leicester LE3 5EZ, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 7572501166

Website : http://www.route66tattoostudio.co.uk/

Customer review : I had a great experience with this place. Artists are too kind and friendly. They really took the time to make sure the design was perfect and the end result was stunning .

4) Czas Tattoo

The studio is well-liked in the Polish community . and it is managed by two Polish tattoo artists. Artists are truly creative. They also make customized and realistic tattoos. Shop is very clean and comfortable. You feel more ease because of their better service.

Address : 254 Humberstone Rd, Leicester LE5 0EG, United Kingdom

Contact : +44 7858123503

Website : https://www.bigtattooplanet.com/directory/tattoo-studio/czas-tattoo

Customer review : I was blown away of their quality and creativity of tattoo. The artist is master of their craft and they really brought my vision to life.


It is an unique tattoo studio that has been offering its clients innovative tattoo design services for more than ten years. They provide them with the nicest and greatest tattoo experience imaginable in a warm and tidy setting.

The tattoo artist offers high-quality tattoos at a reasonable cost. You immediately experience at home because to their exceptional customer service.

Address : 192 Clarendon Park Road, Leicester LE2 3AF, UK

Contact : +44 1162700558

Website : https://placejuice.com/lucky-13-tattoo-2fzmhxi

Customer review : I recently got a tattoo from this. I would definitely recommend this place if anyone looking for tattoo.


There are several tattoo shops in Leicester that provide top-notch and creative tattoo design services. Above listed Tattoo shops are the top five tattoo shops. These stores employ talented and imaginative artists.

they can provide realistic tattoos that are customised. These stores provide great customer service and constantly go out of their way to make its customers feel welcome and at home. So, if you are looking for a great tattoo in Leicester, you can visit any of these top-rated tattoo shops.


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