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The logistics and supply chain sector relies heavily on cold storage facilities because they offer a secure setting for storing goods that are sensitive to temperature, such food, medicines, and chemicals. There are several top-notch cold storage facilities in London, each with its own special attributes and offerings. We’ve compiled a list of the top five cold storage facilities in London that each provide dependable and effective storage choices to satisfy the demands of various sectors.

Top 5 Best Cold Storage in London

1) Dephna Kitchen and Cold Rooms

A UK-based business called Dephna offers temperature-controlled storage solutions for various industries, including the food and pharmaceutical sectors.

Their Walthamstow facility can hold more than 2000 pallets and is outfitted with the most recent equipment to guarantee that all items are maintained at the proper temperature. Iceotemp provides logistical services such as distribution and transportation in addition to storage.

Address: 214 Acton Ln, London NW10 7NH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 2088967575

Website: https://www.dephna.com/

Review: The pharmaceutical, biotech, medical, and food sectors are just a few of the areas for which Dephnasupplies cold storage solutions.

2) Atlascold

Modern cold storage facilities are available in London. Thanks to the worldwide logistics firm Atlascold. The facility can hold 143,000 pallets in total and is completely automated with cutting-edge robotics and an electronic system that keeps track of all items in real-time.

Blast freezing, tempering, and order picking are just a few of the services the business offers, which specializes in temperature-controlled storage and shipping for the food sector.

Address: Unit 7, Edmonton Trade Park, 10 Advent Way, London N18 3AJ

Contact: +44 2088091052

Website: https://atlascold.co.uk

Review: A reliable business that provides various top-notch cold storage solutions for various sectors is Iceotemp; it was a very good experience. 

3) BMS Tradings

With more than 40 sites spread out across the United States, Asia, and Europe, BMS Trading is one of the top providers of temperature-controlled warehousing services. In addition to offering a variety of storage choices, including frozen and chilled, they also offer value-added services, including labeling, packing, and order fulfillment.

BMS Trading also makes technological investments in areas like voice selecting and automated storage and retrieval systems to increase productivity and accuracy. Customers may find out more about their services by visiting their website or getting in touch by phone or email.

Address: Unit 403 Lilford Rd, London SE3 9HR

Contact: +44 7449352333

Website: www.bmstradings.com

Review: Their staff is informed and kind and their facilities are excellent. Years of working together have left us consistently impressed with their quality of service.

4) Constellation Cold Logistics

With more than 190 sites located throughout North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, Constellation Cold is one of the major global cold storage providers. Its main office is in Atlanta, Georgia. They provide various temperature-controlled storage services, including managing perishable commodities and blast freezing.

In addition to freight management and customs brokerage, Constellation Cold offers customers transportation and logistical solutions. They are known for utilizing cutting-edge technology, such as automated storage and retrieval systems, to increase productivity and decrease waste. 

Address: 6 Snow Hl, London EC1A 2AY

Contact: +44 2070027904

Website: https://www.constellationcold.com

Review: For several years, we have utilizedConstellation’s cold storage services, and each time, we are continuously pleased with their expertise and attention to detail. 

5) V-Tex Technology 

A sizable cold storage facility owned by the Dutch business V-Tex is in Wapping Wall, London. The warehouse can hold more than 65,000 pallets in total, and it is outfitted with the most recent equipment to guarantee that all goods are kept at the proper temperature.

The firm offers various other services, including labeling, order picking, and cross-docking, and specializes in providing storage and logistical services for the food sector. 

Address: Metropolitan Wharf 70, Wapping Wall, London E1W 3SS

Contact: +44 2076897512

Website: https://v-tex.cool

Review: Modern amenities are available, and the staff is always kind and helpful too.


In conclusion, London provides a number of excellent cold storage facilities that may meet the demands of diverse sectors. These facilities offer secure and effective storage options for goods that require certain temperature requirements, including modern automation and temperature-controlled chambers.

Among the greatest businesses in the sector are Atlascold, Constellation Cold Logistics, and V-Tex Technology etc, which offer cutting-edge technology, plenty of storage space, and top-notch customer service. These facilities may provide the ideal answer for businesses searching for dependable cold storage alternatives in London, regardless of the industry.


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