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Top 5 Rated Gift Shops In Birmingham


The gift shops are a thriving industry in Birmingham, attracting locals and tourists alike. Here, one will find all types of gift shops, i.e., boutique to larger chains, offering various innovative and creative products.

Being a popular destination for tourists, Birmingham welcomes millions of visitors each year; most want to carry souvenirs for themselves or loved ones back home. It makes for high demand for gift shops across the city.

In addition, being culturally rich in history and the most creative locals, Birmingham is home to many art galleries, museums, and cultural institutions, all of which contribute to a great extent to unique and exciting gifts demanded by both locals and tourists alike.  

Top 5 Best Gift Shops in Birmingham

1) Enki:

Enki is a unique gift shop and fully functioning jeweler’s workshop. They repair all jewelry types onsite and teach group and private jewelry classes. They have just the gift you’re looking for, from baby clothes to pottery, jewelry to cushions.

Their Service includes: 

  • Accessories
  • Baby and kid’s clothes
  • Bath and beauty
  • Books and cards
  • Craft & stationery
  • Every day gift bags
  • Games
  • Gift wrap, home-ware, toys
  • Jewelry classes
  • Jewellery Repairs

Address: 30 High St, King’s Heath, Birmingham B14 7JT, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1214444453

Website: https://www.enkionline.com/

Customer service:

Fond of Emki’s jewelry collections, I enrolled one day to learn to make jewelry and bingo. It was so enjoyable experience for me, making me comfortable with Faith.

2) The Chocolate Quarter:

Based in Birmingham, they offer luxury chocolate gifts. They provide an alternative to the mediocre, mass-produced, and tasteless chocolates in supermarkets and high streets. 

Each chocolate has been developed and made right here in Birmingham. 

Services include:

  • Fine handmade chocolates
  • Truffles, bars & gift boxes
  • Personalization service
  • Shipping options
  • Chocolate-making classes for all

Address: 1A Spencer St, Birmingham B18 6DD, UK

Contact: 01217585151

Website: https://www.thechocolatequarter.com/

Customer review: Before coming to Birmingham, I was told to experience The Chocolate Quarters and Bean to Bear experiences. Our friends were delighted with such a unique event, specially handled by well-trained chocolatiers.

3) Love & Roses

Love & Roses is a family-run business based in Small Heath. Established for over 20 years, we have been offering the highest quality, most unique personalized gifts on the market today. They put lots of love and careful attention into everything they create.

Love & Roses’sservices include:

  • Balloons and venue decor
  • Personalized gifts (mugs, cushions, frames)
  • Hamper making

Address: 314 Coventry Road, Small Heath, Birmingham, B10 0XE

Contact: 07758803166

Website: https://pamsloveandroses.weeblysite.com/

Customer review: Excellent Service and did my balloon decor for boy friend’s birthday surprise quickly and efficiently.

4) Driftroom:

Driftroom was founded in 2016 at the heart of Birmingham to create a store that inspires customers through a unique combination of product, creativity, fresh thinking, and cultural awareness.

Their services include:

  • Lighting
  • Home Room
  • Green Room
  • Giving / Gifts
  • 30 days return policy

Address: L5 Linkstreet, Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham, West Midlands, B5 4BS

Contact: +44 1217400721

Website: https://www.driftroom.co.uk/

Customer service: An electric and vibrant shop in the heart of Birmingham with extraordinary collections of lights and gifts, making it my preferred store.

5) Northern Soul Gift Stuff

The original art shop in Birmingham, customer experience takes center stage at Northern Soul. Look no further; you will find many original art gifts for a friend or loved one here.

Northern Soul Gift Stuff services include:

Free consultations

Handcrafted gifts

Address: 11, 2 Key Hill Dr, Birmingham B18 5NY, United Kingdom

Website: https://northern-soul-gift-stuff.ueniweb.com/

Customer service: We highly speak of AW OUTLET because they deliver to your home safely, will go above and beyond, are a company you can trust, and you will love the products. Thank you, AW OUTLET.


With its rich history of culture and art, you will want to bring back a piece of its culture as a souvenir for yourself or someone. Due to such factors, Birmingham’s gift shop market is a dynamic and thriving industry. 

Attracting tourists and locals alike, shops vie for customers’ attention by providing specialized gift items and unique experiences like jewelry design, chocolate making, etc. All gift shop owners understand the need and individual requirements of tourists and locals alike and try to stay competitive in the industry. 


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