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Top 5 Rated Electronic Stores in Birmingham


The electronics market in Birmingham is thriving with a range of products and services per customers’ requirements. From major retailers to specialist stores exist to provide consumers with the best choices for liking, budget, brand, models, services, etc. All these stores compete for customers’ attention by delivering exceptional services like repair at home, service contracts, maintenance contracts, custom-made products, etc.

More so, some of these stores also lure consumers with promotions, discounts, and warranties that come with the purchases. These stores sometimes also designed based on the theme and unique experiences.

Along with product variety, stores in Birmingham also emphasize standard customer support and expert consultant service to keep the customer coming for future purchases and to ensure customer retention.

With all the plethora of choices for consumers, it can make choosing one retailer difficult and complex. However, one can decide on a particular store based on their requirements, customer feedback, serviceability, budget, etc.

Top 5 Best Rated Electronic Stores in Birmingham

1) Total Digital:

Total Digital is home to audio and visual entertainment. One can quickly call them for friendly advice and decide to purchase your product. Total Digital is a family concern with over 50 years of electrical retail and wholesale experience.

Their Service includes: 

  • 4k, LED, LCD TVs
  • Video recorders
  • Digital camcorders
  • Portable audio equipment
  • Delivery
  • Technical support

Address: PREMIER AV CENTRE & TOTAL DIGITAL, 105-109 Soho Road, Handsworth, Birmingham, West Midlands, B21 9SP

Contact: 01215239997

Website: https://www.totaldigital.biz/

Customer service: I would like to thank you for delivering my LG Blu-ray player within 24 hours of making the order. Their helpful staff made the process very smooth for us.

2) Borshch:

With over 40 years of experience, Borshch is a family-run business with a head office in Birmingham. They provide full service from expert advice to delivery, installation, and after-sales services. They aim to provide the best services to their customers to ensure they repeat purchases with them in the future.

 Services include:

  • graded appliances
  • Delivery and fitting
  • Warranty
  • Recycling
  • Returns and cancellations

Address: Neptune House, Upper Trinity St, Birmingham B9 4EG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1217736361

Website: https://www.borshch.co.uk/

Customer Review: I needed help selecting a washing machine; the Borshch expert showed us the perfect product per our budget and delivered without hassle.

3) Queens Park Radio & TV Ltd:

Queens Park is family owned electrical retailer founded in 1956. Based out of Birmingham, some five minutes from Birmingham city center with parking availability. 

Their services include:

  • Home appliances
  • Small domestic appliances
  • Commercial products    
  • Delivery and installation
  • Service and Repair

Address: 232-236 Court Oak Road, Harborne, Birmingham, B32 2EG

Contact: 01214274008, 01214272850

Website: http://queensparkradio.co.uk/

Customer Review: It was great buying with queens park radio; we rather live at the far end of Birmingham and hence a little apprehensive about delivery by them, but they showed no hesitation of any sort and delivered and installed the product in time. 

4) Currys

Currys is a leading retailer in the UK offering technological products and services. They believe in operating a responsible business and getting involved with consumers by understanding their expectations.

Their services include:

  • EMI payment options
  • Exchange old with new product
  • Shop via video call expert
  • Delivery and collection
  • Installation
  • Care and repair

Address: Upper Conybere Street, Highgate Middleway, Birmingham B12 0EB3

Contact: 03445610000

Website: https://www.currys.co.uk/

Customer service: It was a relatively easy decision for us to buy from Currys; they have been in the business for a long time and are a brand loved by the neighborhood of Birmingham.

5) Electronic Empire:

Electronic Empire is set apart by setting the highest standard in customer care with its complete customer service-oriented shopping environment. This results in lots of customer retention and repeats purchases with them.

Electronic Empire, which includes:

  • All stocks
  • Delivery
  • Lowest price online
  • Secure shopping

Address: 105-109 Soho Rd, Handsworth, Birmingham, B21 9SP

Contact: 01215516041

Website: https://www.electronicempire.co.uk/

Customer service:

  • We have been their customer for a very long now.
  • They can keep up with changing trends in electronic products.
  • We have never been required to look elsewhere for all our electronic products.


The world electronic market is thriving with every changing technology and consumer preferences. At Birmingham, there is no death of electronic stores for consumers; from big retailers to small shops with customized products, one can easily find every product as required.

All these retailers are vying for consumer attention by providing deep discounts, offers, and services to set them apart. In turn, it’s a win-win for consumers. It has become even easier for consumers with the availability of the internet to make informed decisions.


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