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5 Best Pet Shops in Bristol


Bristol, a city in England, has a number of pet businesses that cater to the requirements of pet owners. These pet stores provide a wide range of items and services, such as food, toys, grooming, and boarding. We have created a list of the five top pet stores in Bristol, complete with their addresses, contact information, websites, and user reviews.

Top 5 Best Pet Shops in Bristol

1) Pets at Home Bristol Eastgate

One of Bristol’s well-known pet stores is called Pets at Home Bristol Eastgate. It serves as a one-stop online shop for small animals, fish, and reptiles as well as pet food, toys, equipment, and insurance. Because pets are considered members of the family at Pets at Home, they have compiled some guidance and best practices for you and your furry family members to use at home.

Offering the best pet store experience, Pets at Home Bristol Eastgate does it with pride. Pets and pet owners will find it to be a paradise. 

Address: Unit 4, Eastgate Centre, Eastville, Bristol BS5 6XX, United Kingdom

Contact: 03456080485

Website: https://community.petsathome.com/store/bristol/ 

Customer Reviews: awesome shop I always have everything I require for my animal companions. At all times, the personnel are kind and helpful.

2) Jollyes-The Pet People 

Jollyes. One of the largest independent chains of pet food superstores in the UK and Northern Ireland is The Pet People. They provide a huge selection of branded pet food. The Jollyes. The Pet People are quite proud of their excellent client service.

Whether you are trying to discover a product or seeking guidance, their staff is welcoming and always willing to assist. Whether you are considering purchasing a pet for the first time or are unsure of which dog food is ideal for your favorite dog, their staff is always ready to offer advice. Jollyes.

The Pet People provide free delivery for orders over £35 or beginning at $1.99.

Address: Factory B, Tower Lane, Warmley, Bristol BS30 8XT, UK

Contact: 01174569070

Website: https://www.jollyes.co.uk/ 

Customer Reviews: Excellent pet shop with a knowledgeable and kind staff. Pricing is also excellent. Would strongly advise.

3) Roxfords the Pet Shop 

On Gloucester Road, Roxfords the Pet Shop has been selling pet food for more than 60 years. For their canine and feline friends as well as for their little furry friends, Roxfords sells a wide variety of pet meals, accessories, and supplements.

Their goal is to deliver a personalized service while also providing their four-legged pals with the best foods and a wide selection of items for wearing, playing, and resting. They also have a large selection of feeders and supplies for wild birds.

On Saturday mornings, the business provides free local delivery service. Additionally, they provide free shipping to more than 40 nations worldwide.

 Address: 155 Gloucester Road, Bristol BS7 8BA, UK

Contact: 01179248397

Website: https://www.roxfordsthepetshop.co.uk/ 

Customer Reviews: Excellent inventory of pet products and helpful personnel. Visiting is always a delight.

4) Alfie and Bella Pet Supplies 

Since 1850, their location has been operating in Bristol and providing locals with services without interruption! They have a comprehensive selection of high-quality products that have been tried, tested, and carefully sourced, including food, treats, toys, accessories, jackets, beds, and more. 

They are committed to assisting you in giving your pets and closest companions the finest care possible. 

Address: 5 Worrall Road, Clifton. Bristol BS8 2UF

Contact: 01179738617

Website: https://www.alfieandbella.co.uk/ 

Customer Reviews: Fantastic customer service at a terrific store. 

5) Everyday Pet & Birds 

From a dog treat to a parrot aviary, they have a wide variety of things accessible online.  There are many pet and aviary supplies for birds, as well as bird toys, parrot toys, and bird seeds. Numerous dog beds of excellent quality, created in the UK, are supplied directly to the purchaser.

A section for local delivery of hay, straw, sawdust, and all feed supplies will shortly be included. The following working day or a 2-3 day service for bigger cages is supplied straight from their UK provider for birds and parrots. 

Address: 369 Filton Avenue, Horfield, Bristol, BS7 0BD

Contact: 01179695451

Website: https://everydaypetcages.co.uk/ 

Customer Reviews: Fantastic shop with a large selection of pet supplies. On all occasions, the personnel are knowledgeable and helpful.


Bristol boasts a large number of pet stores that provide everything pet owners need to keep their furry friends happy and healthy. These pet stores provide everything you need, whether it’s high-quality pet food, interesting toys, or expert grooming services.

These pet stores have gained their reputation as the finest in Bristol because of their pleasant and knowledgeable staff, affordable rates, and exceptional customer service. Thus, if you own a pet in Bristol, be sure to visit these pet stores and provide your pet with the finest care possible.

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