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5 Best Patent Attorney in Bristol


A patent solicitor is a lawyer who specialises in intellectual property law and advises clients on patent-related issues. Patent attorneys are educated and prepared to comprehend and negotiate the difficult process of acquiring a patent, which is a legal instrument that grants the holder exclusive rights to an invention for a specified length of time.

In addition to a legal degree, they may work for law firms, companies, or as independent consultants, and they often have graduate degrees in science, engineering, or other technical subjects. Patent attorneys work with inventors and businesses to design patent applications, do patent searches to see if an idea has previously been patented, and give legal advice on patent infringement and litigation.

Top 5 Best Patent Attorney in Bristol

For firms or individuals looking to safeguard their intellectual property, finding a trustworthy and skilled patent solicitor is critical. There are numerous patent attorneys in Bristol that have extensive experience in a variety of businesses. In this list, we will showcase some of the best patent attorneys in Bristol, along with contact information and website links.

1) Stevens Hewlett & Perkins 

One of the top intellectual property law companies in Bristol, UK, is Stevens Hewlett & Perkins. The company has provided several clients with technical advice throughout the years, ranging from lone investors to multinational businesses.

They have a group of experts in design, trademark, and patent law. Their specialized internal records and renewals facility offers a comprehensive variety of database management services both online and offline once your intellectual property rights have been securely safeguarded. They provide a no-cost consultation.

Address: 1 St Augustine’s Place, Bristol BS1 4UD, UK

Contact: 01179226007

Website: https://www.shandp.com/our-services/  

Customer reviews: A really solid team and they do great work!

2) Mewburn Ellis LLP

Bristol-based Mewburn Ellis LLP is a progressive IP firm. In addition to their energetic and highly driven business services staff, they have more than 40 partners, 85 skilled patent and trademark attorneys, solicitors, and IP litigators dispersed over five European locations.

Their patent attorneys specialize in a wide range of technical fields, including engineering, chemistry, and life sciences. Additionally, they can strive to utilize IP as a commercial asset and assist with dispute resolution to promote the expansion and goals of your organization. 

Address: Aurora Building, Counterslip, Bristol BS1 6BX, UK

Contact: 01179451234

Website: https://www.mewburn.com/  

Customer reviews Excellent technical knowledge and easy to deal with. In patent opposition, we have a deep understanding and great advocacy.

3) Burges Salmon LLP

Burges Salmon LLP is a full-service law practice that serves customers in a variety of sectors. Its intellectual property staff is well-versed in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and design rights.

They have a staff of attorneys that specialize in a variety of fields, such as biological sciences, engineering, and technology. Customers may anticipate a pragmatic and profitable approach to their intellectual property requirements.

Address: One Glass Wharf, Bristol, BS2 0ZX

Contact: +44 01179392000

Website: https://www.burges-salmon.com/  

Customer reviews Brilliant firm, everyone treated very well.

4) Withers & Rogers LLP 

One of the biggest intellectual property law companies in Europe, Withers & Rogers LLP has offices throughout the UK and in Munich. Since their establishment more than 130 years ago, they have been dedicated to pursuing intellectual property for the benefit of their clients.

They provide a whole service that includes gaining IP rights including patents, trademarks, and design registrations for the UK, Europe, and other regions as well as providing advice on how to use and enforce them. They choose each of their patent and trademark attorneys based on their high academic standing and practical experience. 

Address: Castlemead, Lower Castle Street, Bristol BS1 6NP, UK

Contact: 01179253030

Website: https://www.withersrogers.com/  

Customer reviews: They are the gold standard for patents.

Carpmaels is a strong blend of solicitors and patent attorneys, making them an appealing option.

5) Clarke Willmott LLP

Clarke Willmott LLP is a full-service law company that represents clients in a variety of sectors. Its intellectual property team has extensive knowledge in all aspects of intellectual property law, including patents, trademarks, copyright, and design rights.

They have a staff of attorneys that specialize in a variety of fields such as biological sciences, engineering, and technology. Customers may anticipate a pragmatic and business-oriented approach to their intellectual property issues.

Address: 1 Georges Square, Bath Street, Bristol BS1 6BA 

Contact: 01173149000

Website: https://www.clarkewillmott.com/ 

Customer reviews: Clarke Willmott LLP provides fast, commercially astute, high-quality advice that is always suitable to the circumstances.


Having a reliable and professional patent solicitor on your side is critical for safeguarding your intellectual property. The lawyers mentioned above are among the finest in Bristol, having years of experience and specific knowledge in a variety of fields.

It is crucial to remember that this list is not complete, and there may be more good patent attorneys in Bristol. We propose that you conduct a study and select a solicitor who will fulfill your demands.

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