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5 Best Marriage Counselling in Edinburgh


Marriage counseling can be a very helpful tool for couples looking to strengthen their bond, improve communication, and address any underlying issues that could be generating tension or conflict. Marriage counseling may provide you and your spouse the tools and support to overcome these obstacles and build your relationship, regardless of whether you’re having issues with intimacy, trust, communication, or any other element of your relationship. You may offer your relationship the best opportunity for long-term happiness by doing this.

Top 5 Best Marriage Counselling in Edinburgh

1) Bright Light Relationship Counselling 

Bright Light is pleased to receive the annual COSCA monitoring prize for the eleventh consecutive year. They are honored to have won this award, which is a crucial quality indicator for current and potential customers.

They will always meet or exceed all of their client’s expectations for the finest caliber of professional counseling. Bright Light is a counseling center maintained by several seasoned therapists focusing on relationship counseling. Couples may talk about their issues and seek solutions in a private, secure setting with them. Online and in-person therapy are also offered by the program.

Address: Bright Light, 18 York Place, Edinburgh EH1 3EP

Contact: 01315561527

Website: https://www.bright-light.org.uk/

Reviews: The assistance and support received were excellent. Our therapist was considerate, educated, and helpful in helping us comprehend our issues.

2) The Spark

Marriage therapy is one of the many relationship support programs the nonprofit The Spark offers. Couples can receive private counseling sessions from one of their many licensed and skilled therapists. Services from The Spark can be accessed offline or online.

Address: Dialogue & Space, 64 Albion Road, Edinburgh EH7 5QZ

Contact: 08088022088

Website: https://www.thespark.org.uk/

Reviews: Excellent service was provided. We felt comfortable expressing our issues with the therapist since she was nice and educated. We are appreciative of the assistance we got.

3) Relationship Counselling Edinburgh

Relationship Counselling Edinburgh is a counseling service that assists couples in resolving issues and enhancing their connection and communication. They offer several skilled therapists who employ evidence-based techniques to deal with various concerns, such as adultery, communication difficulties, and sexual problems.

Customer testimonials indicate that the therapists are kind and empathetic and offer doable suggestions to assist couples in strengthening their bond.

Address: 23 Manor Place, Edinburgh, EH3 7DX

Contact: 07969954320

Website: https://www.relationshipcounsellingedinburgh.co.uk/

Reviews: Every session has taught me something new, and our last session with you has significantly impacted X and my present and future. Dealing with you has made me more aware of the significance and value of this process.

4) Louise McBride Counselling and Supervision 

She is a sensible and skilled psychodynamic counselor. Additionally, they offer clinical supervision to therapists with expertise and student therapists in training. They have years of expertise dealing with various client groups and welcome persons from ALL backgrounds.

LGBTQ+, autism in women, the consequences of oppression on mental health, and how they use language to damage or benefit themselves are just a few of the specialist areas of study.

Address: Canonmills, Edinburgh, EH7 4EA

Contact: 07837524531

Website: https://www.louisemcbridecounselling.com/

Reviews: The abilities of counselors to assist couples in resolving their problems and their knowledge and friendliness are highly praised by clients.

5) First Psychology Edinburgh – Counseling

They deal with self-referred customers, including individuals, couples, families, kids, and companies. Their goal is to “inspire well-being” in all they do. Their staff of highly skilled and knowledgeable practitioners with psychology, CBT, and counseling degrees can assist with various challenges and problems.

Whatever the problem, they will always adapt their strategy to focus on comprehending and achieving each person’s requirements and goals in a warm, respectful manner.

Address: 29 St Patrick Square, Edinburgh EH8 9EY

Contact: 01316681440

Website: https://www.edinburghtherapy.co.uk/

Reviews: Clients laud the counselors for their warmth, compassion, and skill in assisting couples in repairing their bonds.


Several alternatives are accessible to you in Edinburgh if you’re seeking marital counseling services. All of these counselors are highly regarded and skilled counselors.

Before selecting the counseling service that best meets your requirements and preferences, it is crucial to conduct research and comparisons on the available options.

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