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5 Best Child Custody Attorneys in Edinburgh


A knowledgeable and experienced lawyer is crucial to have on your side as the process of navigating a child custody dispute may be difficult and stressful. There are a number of well-known attorneys in Edinburgh who focus on child custody disputes and who may offer knowledgeable counsel and representation.

The wellness of the child, the parents’ ability to meet the child’s needs, and the child’s choices and feelings are just a few of the numerous factors the court will consider. Based on each attorney’s track record, breadth of experience, and client recommendations, we’ve developed a list of the top five custody lawyers in Edinburgh.

Top 5 Best Child Custody Attorneysin Edinburgh

1) Balfour+Manson LLP

With more than a century of experience representing clients, Balfour+Manson LLP has a specialist family law staff that can handle all facets of child custody disputes. Their team of lawyers seeks to offer an individualised service to each of their customers and has expertise with difficult cases. They have a successful track record and are renowned for their sympathetic approach to child custody disputes.

Address: 54-66 Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1LS, UK

Contact: +44 1312001200

Website: https://www.balfour-manson.co.uk/

Customer feedback: Balfour+Manson LLP provided outstanding legal representation in my child custody matter. They were knowledgeable, fast to answer, and supportive throughout.

2) Drummond Miller LLP

Having been in business for more than a century, Drummond Miller LLP is a full-service law practise. They have a group of specialised family law lawyers that can offer counsel in all facets of child custody matters, including those involving global difficulties.

They are dedicated to using alternative conflict resolution procedures, like mediation, although they have also handled courtroom representation before.

Address: Glenorchy House, 20 Union Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3LR

Contact: +44 1312265151

Website: Drummond Miller LLP

Customer feedback: Drummond Miller LLP provided great legal advice and representation in my child custody dispute. They were professional, kind, and thorough in their defence of my rights.

3) Brodies LLP

One of the biggest legal companies in Scotland, Brodies LLP, offers a specialised family law division that can handle all kinds of child custody disputes. They have a reputation for offering top-notch services and have knowledge of handling complicated situations involving high net worth clients. They provide a variety of services, including mediation, collaborative law, and court representation.

Address: 58 Morrison Street Edinburgh, EH3 8BP Scotland UK

Contact: +44 1312283777

Website: Brodies LLP

Customer feedback: The legal team at Brodies LLP was very supportive and sympathetic during my child custody dispute. They assisted me in achieving the best result possible by offering professional guidance and assistance.

4) Gilson Gray LLP

The family law team at Gilson Gray LLP is a cutting-edge, contemporary legal company that may defend clients in child custody disputes. They are dedicated to offering a service that is client-focused and are known for being personable and amiable. To assist parents in obtaining the best result for their kid, they provide a variety of services, such as mediation and collaborative legal.

Address: 29 Rutland Square, Edinburgh EH1 2BW, UK

Contact: +44 1315165366

Website: https://gilsongray.co.uk/

Customer feedback: In my child custody dispute, Gilson Gray LLP offered superior legal assistance. They were competent, savvy, and attentive, and I heartily endorse their services.

5) Thorntons Law LLP

A reputable law firm with a professional family law staff that can handle all facets of child custody matters is Thorntons Law LLP. They treat their clients with care and consideration, and they work to get the best result for each case. To meet the demands of their customers, they provide a variety of services, such as mediation and court representation.

Address: Citypoint, 3rd Floor, 65 Haymarket Terrace, Edinburgh EH12 5HD, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1314736449

Website: Thorntons Law LLP

Customer feedback: Throughout my child custody lawsuit, Thorntons Law LLP was incredibly helpful and kind. They gave me sound legal counsel and guided me through the procedure with ease.


For your case to have the greatest conclusion possible, choosing the correct child custody lawyer is essential. The five lawyers on the above list have a proven track record of resolving child custody disputes successfully and provide top-notch client service.

We strongly advise hiring one of these renowned lawyers if you are involved in a child custody battle in Edinburgh. They can provide you the direction and assistance you require to get through this trying period and safeguard your child’s best interests.

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