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Top 5 Heavy Machinery Dealers in Glasgow


There is a thriving market for heavy machinery services in Glasgow, with a number of reputable dealers offering a wide range of equipment and related services. The customers with requirements of machines like excavators, loaders, dump trucks, cranes etc. and the dealers in Glasgow have solution for every need.

Although selecting a right dealer can be a tricky and careful choice, one has to keep several factors in mind before making this decision, some of the factors can be reputation, experience, range of equipment offering, price, financing option from dealer etc. based on which one can decide upon selecting the best dealers. The other factors also include reviews, maintenance support, customer support which can make dealer stand out in its offerings 

Some of the dealers also offer extra services like guidance, quality check, professional handling team etc. to remain competitive in the industry

Top 5 Best Heavy Machinery Dealers in Glasgow

1) AB2K:

Located at Glasgow, AB2K deals in heavy machinery which includes excavators, dumpers and more. It is said to be one of Scotland’s biggest plant names, renowned for providing a huge variety of heavy plant and equipment from the highlands to the island

AB2K Services are:

  • Cranes
  • Hiring of General Machinery
  • Crushing fleet
  • Rail fleet
  • Sweeper machines

Address: GEAB2000 Ltd, 95 Westburn Drive, Cambuslang, Glasgow, G72 7NA

Contact: +44 (0)1416461212

Website: https://ab2k.co.uk/ 

Customer review: Very professional dealers, we got to hire every machines we required for our construction site, impressive on how they were ok to provide much farther to our site location in Glasgow.


SCOTJET have been supplying high pressure water jetting equipment, water utility tools and drain cleaning accessories for over 20 years. They are specialist supplier to the water utility industry.

Their services include:

  • Van pack 
  • Combi units
  • Trailer Jetter
  • Mobile hot
  • Picote Maxi Miller

Address: Scotjet Ltd, 50 Loanbank Quadrant, Glasgow, G51 3HZ

Contact: 01414400200

Website: https://www.scotjetltd.co.uk/ 

Customer Reviews: Great range of water utility machines, satisfactory experience with hiring from Scotjet Ltd.

3) Finning:

Finning is the world’s largest caterpillar dealer providing service for over 90 years. They deal in sell, rent and provide parts and service for equipment and engines to customers in various industries, including mining, construction, petroleum, forestry and a wide range of power systems applications

Finning services are:

  • Drainage cat machines 
  • Excavation cat machines
  • Landscaping cat machines
  • General plan hire 
  • Machines for any utility contract

Address: Whistleberry Road, Hamilton, Glasgow, Scotland, ML3 0EG, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1698713713

Website: https://www.finning.com/ 

Customer review: very happy with service and support we received from the team at Finning. Their knowledgeable team made it easy for us to work around the equipment 

4) Ainscough Crane Hire – Glasgow Depot:

Ainscough Crane Hire with over 400 cranes at their disposal has the largest and most diverse fleet in the industry, the industry-recognised Make the Safe Choice ethos is at the core and underpins every single thing they do, from contract lifts and crane hire to specialist projects for customers.

Ainscough Crane Hire services include:

  • Crane Hire & Equipment Rental
  • Crane Specification Guide 
  • Heavy cranes
  • Crawler cranes
  • Tower cranes
  • Lifting service for wind energy

Address: 2600 London Rd, Glasgow G32 8XY, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 1417785974 

Website: https://www.ainscough.co.uk/ 

Customer review: We hired crane machines from them, found their services to be very good, the overall team was very efficient and followed safe working practices during crane loading. 

5) Hitachi Construction Machinery UK Ltd

Hitachi Construction Machinery UK Ltd are a wholly owned subsidiary of Hitachi Construction Machinery Europe and are responsible for the supply of excavators, wheel loaders, parts and servicing to the UK and Irish construction industry. 

Formed 50 years ago, we are a market leader in providing safe, high quality, durable and reliable products competitively, on time and anywhere in the UK and Ireland

Services are:

  • Mini excavators
  • Medium excavators
  • Large excavators
  • Ultra large excavators
  • Wheel loader
  • Wheeled excavator
  • Maintenance support
  • Fleet management

Address: 45 Toll Park Place, Ward Park Industrial Estate, Cumbernauld, Glasgow, G68 0LN

Contact: 01698741470

Website: https://www.hitachicm.co.uk/  

Customer review:  We had rented a mini excavator for a landscaping project and was really impressed with the quality of the equipment and the level of customer service. 


In conclusion, selecting a dealer for heavy machinery is an important decision that requires careful consideration of several factors. With experience in the industry, a wide range of equipment, maintenance and repair services, competitive prices and financing options, and excellent customer service, you can find the right partner to help you achieve your goals. 

With the right equipment and support, you can manage any construction or agricultural project with confidence and success, knowing that your machinery is reliable and well-maintained. So, it make sense to devote considerable time to research and choose the best dealer for your needs, and you’ll be well on your way to success.


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