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Hire the Top 5 Electricians in Glasgow


A homeowner will need to take care of various tasks to keep their house in good condition. The electrical system in a home is a crucial component that regularly needs repair and servicing. If you want a better electrical system, you must pay more attention to it.  

But in this situation, you do not have to service an electronic system alone. Otherwise time you will become a part of the accident. That’s why electricians require. Electricians have a comprehensive knowledge of the wiring and installation process.

We need an electrician at any time. So, if you are living in Glasgow, here are your options. Below listed 5 electricians are the best in Glasgow. So look at their details and hire them. 

Top 5 Best Electricians in Glasgow 

1) PWS Electrical Services Ltd

They has a respectful and well-trained staff. They provide all kinds of electrical work in residential and business settings, focusing on electrical installations. They are members of SELECT, where customers can verify the quality of the services. 

They are punctual, productive, and even tidy. They perform straightforward installations, such as upgrading to LED bulbs and labor-intensive rewiring of occupied homes. 

Address: 354 Meadowside Quay Walk, Glasgow G11 6EE, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.pwsglasgow.com/

Contact Number: +44 7793540885

Reviews: I had an electrical emergency in my home and called PWS electrical service Ltd. They fixed the issue on time. The electrician was professional and very knowledgeable. I highly recommend them for any electrical needs. 

2) Central Scotland Electrical

They have a great deal of experience with electrical installation. They worked in the field for a very long period. They also offer Fast, effective, and pleasant service at a competitive price. 

They are a licensed, recognized firm. They offer an estimate without charge and always disclose their prices to their clients.

Address: 15 Parkmanor Grn, Glasgow G53 7ZE, United Kingdom

Website: https://centralscotlandelectrical.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 7407497598

Reviews: I am so impressed with their services. The electrician was punctual and friendly. They took time to explain everything that needed to be done. They do their work quickly and with high standards. 

3) DM Electrical Scotland Ltd

DM Electrical is committed to offering the most excellent electricians. Their workforce is completely certified and trained. Additionally, they provide expert installation and enhanced services for domestic security cameras.

Their electricians do an adequate job installing or replacing light switches and plugs. They also provide their clients with a free, no-obligation quotation.

Address: 2nd Floor, 48 W George St, Glasgow G2 1BP, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.dm-electrical.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 1414236978

Reviews: I hired a DM electrician to install new lights in my home. And I am so happy with the results. This company’s electricians are very skilled and efficient. I was never disappointed at any time.

4) JK Electrical – Glasgow

They have 40 years of experience in this industry. They provide a reliable and friendly service to their clients. They only offer installation services to their clients. They are a certified electrician. 

Address: Cardonald, 17 Fulbar Rd, Glasgow G51 4HU, United Kingdom

Website: https://jkelectricalservices.com/

Contact Number: +44 1418835744

Reviews: JK Electrical did an excellent job in my home. They are rewiring my house. Their electrician was very professional and took great care of every aspect. And their price is also reasonable.

5) Easy Fix Electrical

They provide their services in domestic and commercial areas. They offer a variety range of electronic installation work. They also provide some safety alarm installation. They are energy-saving trust grant installers. 

They offer rewiring services, light fitting, and other installation services. Their price is also competitive. 

Address: 2/2, 599 Alexandra Parade, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 3DA, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.easyfixelectrical.com/

Contact Number: +44 7920491021

Reviews: I had a fantastic experience with this place. They were very responsible. They gave me details about the work, like what they used, how it cost, etc. The electrician was also knowledgeable and punctual, and kind. 


It is essential to service your electric system regularly. In this situation, an electrician can help you. You need to call them. They will come to your home. And first of all, determine the problems and then repair them. 

They always use the latest technologies to handle all processes. Above mentioned top 5 electrician is the best in Glasgow. If you need any help regarding electricity, hire them.


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