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Explore 5 Disability Care Centers in Birmingham


When it takes place in caring for people with disabilities. Finding a place that can offer the necessary help and resources is crucial. There are various disability care centers in Birmingham. In this disability care center, they provide some services like residential care, nursing services, and dementia treatment to disabled people. 

They also give learning challenges so that they can learn. Also, they provide treatment for mental health problems. So disability care center is the most critical place for disabled people. It would be best if you took them to these places. 

So if you are unaware of any disability center, we describe 5 disability care centers in Birmingham. They are super best. It would help if you tried them. 

Top 5 Best Disability Care Centers in Birmingham:

1) Perry Manor Care Home

This center provides residential, nursing, and dementia care. It includes service for up to 67 people. The house is designed to provide residents with various services and events in a modern, comfortable setting.

Also, they provide some additional services like social activities, nutritious meals, and 24-hour care. 

Address: Charles Hastings Way, Worcester WR5 1ET, United Kingdom

Website: Perry Manor Care Home

Contact: +44 1905888481

Review: the staff here are lovely. They are so patient. They provide the best possible care for their clients. My son has been attending this center for over a year. And now I have seen such an improvement. 

2) Bournville Grange

This care center serves nursing care, dementia care, and residential care. It provides services for up to 64 people. The residence offers a comfortable environment. It is made to meet the needs of older people with physical and mental health conditions.

One of the services provided is 24-hour care. Other services include individualized care plans, nutritious meals, and various social activities.

Address: 168 Oak Tree Ln, Bournville, Birmingham B30 1TX, United Kingdom

Website: http://bournvillegrange-residentialhome.co.uk/

Contact: +44 01214722213

Review: I have received care at this disability center for several years. And I say positive things to myself. They offer a great activity and program. 

3) Bourn View Care Home 

The institution is conveniently located near Bournville. It provides excellent residential care. It also provides dementia care to locals. 

Residents should try to make the most of Bourn View’s services, which include a cinema room, cafĂ©, and hair salon. Numerous pleasant lounge areas foster the ideal social setting.

Address: 47 Bristol Rd S, Birmingham B31 2FR, United Kingdom

Website: Bourn View Care Home

Contact: +44 1214186483

Review: I was scared to send my daughter to a disability center. But I’m so glad to send this center. Staff are incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at working with individuals. 

4) Sutton Rose Care Home

Sutton Rose Care Home is an advanced care facility with modern facilities. They give guarantee the comfort of every resident.

The residence offers a vibrant, diverse activities hub where residents may live their lives. The home has nursery facilities, a wellness room, a gym with state-of-the-art equipment, and a memory care section.

Address: St Michael’s Rd, The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield B73 5FU, United Kingdom 

Website: Sutton Rose Care Home

Contact: +44 1217167117

Review: staff genuinely care about their clients. Also, they go out of their way to make them feel valued and supported. 

5) Clare Court Care Home 

The Clare Court team believes in providing each resident with a cozy, comfortable, and fashionable living space. They will help to improve their overall health.

Each bedroom is completely furnished in this center. And the home’s large comfortable living and dining rooms are ideal for interacting with others.

Address: 28 Clinton St, Birmingham B18 4BJ, United Kingdom

Website: Clare Court Care Home

Contact: +44 121 554 9101

Review: This care center is incredible. They truly understand the challenges of Living with a disability. They have helped me develop new skills and become more independent. 


Finding a facility that can meet the individual’s demands might be challenging. Also, finding home care that offers a safe and comfortable environment isn’t easy, but doing so is crucial. 

The five facilities listed above are among the best options in Birmingham. They provide high-quality care and a variety of services. Finally, it is crucial to carry out an in-depth study. Also, visit every care facility to see which will best suit the patient’s needs.


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