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List of Top 5 Dentists in Glasgow


A damaged and misaligned tooth will  affect your ability to speak. Also you can not properly chew food and many other problems arise. 

Cavities may not show any symptoms until the tooth has sustained considerable harm. This is why it’s so crucial to schedule frequent appointments with a dentist. In simple words, a dentist is a doctor of your teeth and mouth.

If you face any problem related to teeth or mouth you should consult with a dentist. Do your convenience, we give the best 5 dentist info to you. They are located in Glasgow. If any problems occur, you just need to call them and visit their hospital. 

Top 5 Best Dentists in Glasgow 

1) Shawlands Dental Care

Their treatment plan is customized to meet each patient’s unique needs and objectives. They improve the patient experience. They also place a high priority on modernising their office with state-of-the-art equipment. They are committed to provide top-notch service and the best possible treatment. 

Address: 1149-1153 Pollokshaws Rd, Shawlands, Glasgow G41 3YH, United Kingdom

Website: Shawlands Dental Care

Contact Number: +44 1416321378

Reviews : doctor is an amazing dentist. He took time to explain every aspect of process. Also he make sure that I feel comfortable through the process. If you need dental care I highly recommend him. 

2) Dentistry on the Square

They provide  the smile of your dreams with the most recent cosmetic procedures. Dr Jamie Kinnell is a trained dentist of this practice. He is really interested in the most recent painless procedures. The staff at this place is committed to providing dentistry in a relaxed setting. 

Address: 12 Niddrie Square, Glasgow G42 8QE, United Kingdom

Website: https://dentistryonthesquare.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 01415303536

Reviews : I had a great experience at dentistry on the square. Their doctors were friendly and the profession. The dentist was very knowledgeable and caring. He addressed all my questions and provided me with great advice on how to maintain oral health. 

3) G1 Dental

They offer their consumers high-quality, reasonably priced dental care. Their goal is to give their patients the best dental treatment. They always use cutting-edge technology and contemporary techniques. They also provide a free registration for your dental test. 

Address: 54 Dundas St, Glasgow G1 2AQ, United Kingdom

Website: http://www.g1dental.com/

Contact Number: +44 1413326332

Reviews: I have been going to this practice for many years. And she hands down the best dentist I have ever had. She is a general patient and always makes me so happy. Also their nurses are great. 

4) Devonshire Dental Care

They provide cosmetic and orthodontics treatment. They have highly expert staff members. And they also have many years of experience in their field. If you have no time to visit their clinic, they also provide a virtual consultation. And gives you advice and medicine precautions. 

Address: 164 Hyndland Rd, Glasgow G12 9HZ, United Kingdom

Website: https://devonshiredentalcare.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 1413393123

Reviews : I had a dental emergency last week. And this doctor came to my home instantly. They were very kind and their expertise was evident in the way they handled my situation. I am so grateful for their help. 

5) Appletree Dental Care

This is a well known dental hospital. They committed to give their clients a safe and reliable atmosphere. They provide a variety of services like white fillings, teeth whitening and many other cosmetic services. They always go up and down at their price for your requirement. 

Address: 3 Crow Rd, Partick, Glasgow G11 7RT, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.dentistglasgow.com/

Contact Number: +44 1413391961

Reviews : doctor and his team are simply amazing. They are professional, caring and always go up and down to ensure their patients are comfortable. I highly recommend this place because it’s excellent. 


Dentists may prevent issues as well as treat them. They are able to detect the beginning of gum inflammation and cavities. It is crucial to be preventative when it relates to your dental health. You should visit your dentist on a regular basis so that they can identify any problems before they arise.

So, if any problems occur, take a consultation with the dentist listed above. And get relief with your pain. These 5 are the best dentists across Glasgow. I definitely say that you will never find a best like them. They are so trustworthy.


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