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5 Best Computer Repair in London


Computers have assimilated into our daily lives in the fast-paced digital world of today. Yet, they occasionally malfunction or break down, just like any other electronic item, which is why computer repair services are useful. It might be difficult to find the finest computer repair service in London because there are so many options. The best five computer repair services in London are discussed in this article along with their address, phone number, website, and reviews from previous clients.

Top 5 Best Computer Repair in London

1) Geeks On Wheels

For more than 14 years, Geeks on Wheels has offered reputable and reasonably priced IT services. Mobile and on-site technicians on their team are amiable and devoted, and all their engineers hold certifications. They provide office setups, cabling, VOIP services, remote assistance, networking, cybersecurity, penetration testing, online services, optimization, computer/server protection, and hardware and software maintenance. 

Address: 58-60 Totteridge Lane, Whetstone, London N20 9QP

Contact: 02030517977

Website: https://www.geeks-on-wheels.com/

Customer Reviews: I was impressed with the service provided by Geeks On Wheels. They were very professional and got my laptop fixed quickly.

2) Finchley Computers

North London-based Finchley Computers is a firm that offers computer repair services to both residential and commercial clients. They provide a wide range of services, such as software installation, virus eradication, data recovery, and device repair. They offer a group of qualified, skilled specialists that are competent in all facets of computer repair. Their helpful personnel, quick turnaround times, and high-quality work have won them accolades from clients.

Address: 227 Nether Street, West Finchley, N3 1NT

Contact: 02083716688

Website: http://finchleycrc.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Finchley Computers are fantastic! They were able to diagnose and fix my computer within a few hours. The staff were friendly and knowledgeable, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone needing computer repairs.

3) Computer Doctor

In addition to virus eradication, data recovery, hardware repair, and software installation, Computer Doctor is a computer repair business with offices in West London. Customers who have computer-related issues may get same-day assistance from them, and a staff of knowledgeable specialists is constantly on hand to help. Their reasonable costs and prompt, effective service are something they take great delight in. Their professionalism, expedited response times, and high calibre work have won them accolades from clients.

Address: Euro House, 133 Ballards Lane, London N3 1LJ

Contact: 02075161077

Website: https://computerdoctor.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Computer Doctor saved the day! My laptop crashed right before a big presentation, but they were able to fix it quickly and I was able to give my presentation without any issues.

4) Ninatec

Ninatec.co.uk was bought by James Davis, the Tec behind Ninatec so that his daughter might eventually manage it. James (Tec) was constructing and repairing computers in 1995 (21 years ago) but also wanted to go online.

So he bought the first laptop repair website on the internet, pccallout.co.uk. He started working on projectors after running two businesses that repaired and fixed computers. For the past twelve years, James has been repairing projectors. You may call, and James, the engineer, will take it. No call centres exist here. James, the engineer, will also fix your laptop or projector. 

Address: 25 Canada Square Canary Wharf London E14 5LQ United Kingdom

Contact: 02075161077

Website: https://www.ninatec.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Ninatec was amazing! I dropped my phone and shattered the screen, but they were able to fix it in no time. The pricing was relatively cheap, and the staff was welcoming and helpful.

5) PC Magicians

They are a group of highly skilled and knowledgeable IT experts who concentrate on serving the needs of homes and small companies regarding computers. They specialize in fixing both Macs and PCs. They value excellence and quality. Most significantly, our fees are fair and inexpensive. 

Address: PC Magicians Limited, 66 Lower Richmond Road, London, SW15 1LL

Contact: 02076100500

Website: https://www.pcmacgicians.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: I have used PC Macgiciansfor computer repairs several times and have always been happy with the service. They are knowledgeable and efficient, and the prices are reasonable.


Finding a trustworthy and dependable computer repair business in London might be difficult, but with this list of the top five, making a decision should be simpler. These computer repair services can take care of your hardware repair, virus eradication, or data recovery needs. Customers have commended them for their prompt and effective service, knowledgable staff, and reasonable costs. Thus, make sure to check out one of these top-rated firms if you need computer repair services and you’re in London.

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