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Clean Your Places With These 5 Best Cleaners in Birmingham


A cleaner is a person who works in the service sector and makes sure the workplace is always hygienic and clean. They carry out a variety of tasks, such as sweeping and cleaning the floors or dusting. They also do routine daily inspections at set intervals to ensure that restrooms and communal spaces remain clean.

Are you living in Birmingham? And searching for a cleaner? If yes, don’t take the stress. Here we can help you. We describe the 5 best cleaners in Birmingham. They are experienced and thoroughly professional. Their services are high quality, so don’t Look further and read the below details. And hire a cleaner to clean your workplaces. 

Top 5 Best cleaners in Birmingham : 

1) Cleaning Services Birmingham

Their business specializes in cleaning services for both homes and businesses. They provide cleaning services for reasonable rates. 

They have qualified, trustworthy, pleasant, and cleaning service specialists on staff. They guarantee complete satisfaction to residents. They also provide prompt services to their clients. 

Address: Centre Court, Stratford Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 9HH, United Kingdom


Contact: +44 7790781505 

Review: I recently hired a cleaner from this company, and I m so impressed with the results. My house has always been clean and organized. So I advise hiring them only once time! You will not go further. 


The business represents the highest levels of its customers with honesty and an unwavering commitment. They also provide an outstanding cleaning service. The company uses expert tools and environmentally friendly cleaning supplies.

The employees of K-Eco Cleaning Service are highly competent cleaners who are also professional, amiable, organized, and regular. 

Address: Harborne, Birmingham B17 0TR, UK 

Website: https://www.k-cleaning.com/

Contact: +44 1217921241 

Review: I was scared to hire a cleaner, but this company exceeded my expectations. They were professional and knowledgeable. And they left my house sparkling clean. 


They specialize in offering cleaning services for homes and businesses. They have skilled cleaning experts on their staff. They ensure a high-quality cleaning service. All of their cleaners have received comprehensive training through DBS checks. Additionally, their business provides free estimations.

Address: Kings Court, 17 School Rd, Hall Green, Birmingham B28 8JG, United Kingdom

Website: https://midlandcleaning.co.uk/

Contact: +44 1216303395

Review: I have two kids, so my home can get messy. But this cleaner did a fantastic job at removing pet hair and strains. I am so grateful for their work.

4) Acme Cleaning Services Ltd 

Acme Cleaning Services Ltd offers affordable prices. They are trying for the highest level of performance. They stay in touch with their customers frequently. They also keep a close eye on their staff members to ensure that the business’s strict cleaning rules are followed.

Their staff members are experienced over 10 years. So they have a solution to every cleaning problem. 

Address: Unit 16, Newhall Place, Newhall Hill, Birmingham B1 3JH, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.acmecleaningservices.co.uk/

Contact: +44 1212368667

Review: the cleaner from this company did an incredible job on my carpets. They removed tough stains and left them looking brand new. I am so happier with Their work. 

5) Bright & Beautiful Birmingham

They provide highly qualified services for your household cleaning or house. They have passionate and educated staff members. They give freedom to their customers to talk about what they require. And they do the same thing for their customers.

It means they give 100% satisfaction to their clients. They provide their services in Birmingham’s local area. This is one of the top-rated cleaners in Birmingham. 

Address: Hylton Court, Unit 5, 27 Hylton St, Birmingham B18 6HJ, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.brightandbeautifulhome.com/

Contact: +44 1216476117

Review: the cleaner was friendly, professional, and did a fantastic job. I will be using them again. 

Conclusion : 

If you are in Birmingham and looking for a reliable and professional cleaner for your home or workplace, consider the above-listed top 5 cleaners. Each of these cleaners offers high-quality cleaning services. 

They have experienced and trained staff. They give an affordable rate. And also provides a commitment to customer satisfaction. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or ongoing cleaning services, these cleaners can provide the services you need to keep your space neat and hygienic.


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