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Find Out the Best 5 Cell Phone Repair in Glasgow


You may see individuals using their phones to play games or take pictures everywhere. These days, our lives are inseparable from our smartphones. The worst thing that may occur towards us is when our phone becomes scratched or damaged.

We all are aware of how to use mobile phones but we don’t understand how to repair them. Yes, of course we repaired some little things. But in major conditions we aren’t able to do it. That’s why we need cell phone repair shop 

If you are living in Glasgow, you have below 5 cell phone repair shops. They are the best across Glasgow. If you have any damaged phone, just go to these places. And they easily fix your issue and give you a new phone.

Top 5 Best Cell Phone Repair Store in Glasgow 

1) Revive Lab

They give each and every one of their clients the highest-quality parts and expert repairs. They aim to stand out from the competition.  They provide repairs for a variety of phones in Glasgow, including iPhones, Samsung, Huawei and many others.  they employ some of Scotland’s top technicians and provide excellent repair services. 

Address: Kiosk 4, Buchanan Galleries, 220 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2GF, United Kingdom

Website: https://revivelab.co.uk/ 

Contact Number: +44 1412303785

Reviews : my phone was cracked and I took it to this repair shop. Their staff was extremely friendly and professional. They fixed my phone in just a few hours. My screen looks brand new and works perfectly.

2) Tech Bytes Glasgow

The store offers affordable repair services for computers, smartphones, and other electronic devices. They can fix everything, including cracked screens, charging problems, and water-related harm. The staff takes care to finish replacing the screens in 30 minutes. The store promotes dependable and skilled client service. 

Address: 1395 Dumbarton Rd, Glasgow G14 9XT, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.techbytesglasgow.co.uk/ 

Contact Number: +44 1419593888

Reviews : my phone not charging last week. So I brought it to this repair shop to get it fixed. And their staff diagnose the issue and replace the charging plot in just a couple of times. I am so happy with their services. 

3) iRepair Shawlands

Their certified repair specialists have specialised areas of knowledge that encompass a wide range of goods. Additionally, they are able to purchase parts at extremely low prices thanks to their wide network of trade contacts both domestically and abroad.

 They provide the most affordable pricing for high-quality goods and services. 

Address: 1016 Pollokshaws Rd, Glasgow G41 2HG, United Kingdom

Website: https://irepairglasgow.com/ 

Contact Number: +44 1416493444

Reviews : I dropped my phone in water and I thought it totally destroyed. So I went to this place. And they say it is able to fix and they quickly fix and also save all my data. They are so trustworthy. 

4) Repair King

They provide a 90 day warranty on their repair. If your phone is not repaired here, you need not worry. They don’t take any fee charges. They only take repair services fees.

Address: 978 Argyle St, Finnieston, Glasgow G3 8LU, United Kingdom

Website: https://repairking.co.uk/ 

Contact Number: +44 1412217760

Reviews: I had a problem with my phone’s microphone. Their staff explain what’s wrong with my phone. And then repair it. Their prices are also very reasonable. I would definitely recommend them.

5) iSmash – Glasgow Buchanan Street

It was established in 2013. They repair all branded phones or iPhones and some other electronic devices. They are kindly closed on weekends. They have a highly trained and experienced expert technicians team.

Address: Unit B, 249 Buchanan St, Glasgow G1 2NG, United Kingdom

Website: iSmash – Glasgow Buchanan Street

Contact Number: +44 1413195716

Reviews : I have had a very positive experience in this place. They fix my phone’s screen which is cracked. Also, they provide this service at a reasonable price. And also they give me a warranty on repair. 


When used continuously on your phone, it develops problems or suffers temporary damage. These most likely happen when hardware fails, the screen is damaged, or the device goes under in water. If you’re looking for a repair store for your broken gadget, there are a number of cell phone repair shops available.

So, we evaluate and give you the best 5 cell phone repair stores for your convenience. So, if any problems arise with your phone you can easily contact them and repair your phone.


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