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List of 5 Best Baby Supplies Stores in Birmingham


A baby is one of the prettiest little people you can dress up as you like .Whether on a sunny morning or a chilly night, you may effortlessly cover the baby for the conditions. You need some products to protect your baby for many diseases. 

Baby supplier store is the perfect choice. You can get all of the baby things in these stores. It is from bathing to clothes. You get all of the baby products in this supplier’s stores. 

There are so many baby supplier stores available in Birmingham. Selecting one of them takes a lot of work. That’s why here we describe the best 5 baby supplier stores in Birmingham. So you didn’t have to worry about searching anywhere. Visit these 5 baby supplier stores and make them healthy.

Top 5 Best Baby Supplies Stores in Birmingham

1) Jolly tots 

Jolly tots were established in Birmingham for 30 years. You will get all baby products in this shop. Also, you can order it online from their website. They deliver your order on next day. It has the lowest prices.

It will also offer same-day dispatch delivery if you want same-day dispatch. The showroom is 5000 square feet. 

Address: 41 Stoney Ln, Birmingham B25 8RE, United Kingdom

Website: https://jollytotsltd.co.uk/

Contact number: +44 1217896646

Reviews: I recently bought a stroller from this store. And I m so happier! Their staff was incredibly helpful in Finding a suitable model. They always make sure of our needs and budget. And the staller has good quality. 

2) The Baby Barn

They have 25 years of experience. They provide everything for the baby. You didn’t book your order; you just had to call them during their opening hours. 

Their customer services team members kindly give all of the questions and answers. They always make sure that their clients are delighted. 

Address: Gannow Green Farm, Gannow Green Lane, Birmingham B45 9AS, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.baby-barn.co.uk/

Contact number: +44 1562710220

Reviews: I have been shopping at this baby store several times. And it never disappoints me. Their selection is too good, and prices are also reasonable. 

3) Newbie and Me Baby Store

They were established in 2017. They provide enjoyable and effective experience products for your newborn baby. They have a highly trained team. Their team helps you choose suitable products. 

They provide a 5-star service. They also offer a unique environment. 

Address: 245 Stratford Rd, Shirley, Birmingham, Solihull B90 3AL, United Kingdom

Website: https://newbieandme.co.uk/

Contact number: +44 1212700623

Reviews: I hesitated to buy a breast pump, but this store is glad for the shopping. Their staff answered all of my questions. Also, they help me choose the right pump for my needs. It would be best if you tried this store. 

4) MDZBabyland

They provide quality products. You will find the perfect item for your newborn at wallet-friendly prices. You can buy your products online. They also give some discount offers on special occasions. 

Also in summer and winter time, they offer a discount. You will get feeding products to bathing products for your newborn. 

Address: Gannow Green Farm, Gannow Green Lane, Birmingham B45 9AS, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1212937118

Reviews: I visited this store to purchase a baby carrier. I am so impressed with their collection. The staff was very kind and helpful. I use it all the time, and you can’t believe that it looks the same new. 

5) Aftabs

They offer branded products for your baby. If you shop for orders above 49 pounds, you will get free delivery on your order. You will get a travel system to furniture system for your baby in this store. 

Address: 189-193 Alum Rock Rd, Alum Rock, Birmingham B8 1NJ, United Kingdom


Contact number: +44 1213275871

Reviews: I recently ordered a baby bag from this store. The quality of the pack blew me away. I would shop here again. 


Baby supplier store is the most important thing for new parents. It provides a wide range of necessary products for baby care. Above mentioned stores are the best of the best baby supplier stores in Birmingham.

They provide a top-notch quality product. Their staff also offer a wealth of information. And also gives advice regarding the best products for Their baby’s needs. So, care for your baby with this store’s products. 


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