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5 Best Architects in Oxford


With a rich past and a flourishing modern culture, Oxford is home to some of the best architecture in the Nation. The city is home to various architectural firms, including experts in historical and conservation and cutting-edge and environmentally friendly design techniques.

This list features five well-known architectural companies in Oxford, each with a distinctive approach to design and an excellent portfolio of completed projects.

Top 5 Best Architects in Oxford

1) Crawford Bond Architects 

In Oxford, Crawford Bond Architects is a renowned architectural firm. Residential projects are their area of expertise for their qualified crew. They have been in business for over 12 years, and only experience can deliver the efficiency and experience they offer in residential projects.

They have long-standing connections with important local government officials as well as a large number of consultants, contractors, and suppliers. Crawford Bond Architects takes care of all project phases, from the preliminary feasibility study through the final payment, following the conclusion of building work.

Address: Prama House, 267 Banbury Road, Summertown, Oxford OX2 7HT, UK

Phone: 01865331922

Website: https://www.crawfordbondarchitects.co.uk/

Feedback: The greatest architecture firm in town is Crawford Bond Architects.

2) Riach Architects

In Oxford, there is a reputable architectural firm called Riach Architects. This company has been in business for over 35 years and has won several accolades for its residential and commercial design work. Their talented team thinks effective communication is the foundation of any great design.

They will work with you to unearth your project’s full potential and ensure its promise is fulfilled, whether you’re looking to optimize financial return or design the ideal living environment for your family. More than simply drawings will be provided to you by their skilled pros. 

Address: 65 Banbury Road, Oxford OX2 6PE, UK

Phone: 01865553772

Website: https://www.riacharchitects.com/

Feedback: really good project management and innovation.

3) Oxford Architects LLP

The leading RIBA Chartered architectural firm in Oxford is Oxford Architects LLP. The company has experience working on projects for domestic and foreign customers, and they seek to produce modern, sustainable, and inventive designs that fit their client’s needs regarding programs, finances, and briefs.

Oxford Architects LLP has experience in various architectural fields and buildings. Their designers offer a custom design solution that takes into account the client’s requirements as well as the environment of the site. 

Address: Bagley Croft, Hinksey Hill, Oxford OX1 5BS, UK

Phone: 01865329100 

Website: https://www.oxford-architects.com/

Feedback: They create things. I know. These people are reasonably priced and have a solid track record. 

4) Digby Architectural 

Owner Robert Tomlinson earned his degree in architecture from Oxford Brookes University in 2000 and his postgraduate diploma in architecture and urban design in 2003. He later worked for several major architecture firms before founding RB Consulting in 2012.

Since graduation, Robert has worked on hundreds of projects, receiving building permits, consents for listed buildings, and planning permissions. In addition to working with clients, structural engineers, landscape architects, planning officials, and building inspectors, Robert has managed projects on-site. 

Address: 4 Broughton Close, Old Marston, Oxford OX3 0RQ

Phone: +44 1865761707

Website: http://www.digbyarchitectural.co.uk/

Feedback: Digby Architectural and I have a productive working relationship; they have a passion for design and attention to detail.

5) Gresford Architects 

Gresford Architects aims to design smart, useful, sustainable, and attractive structures. They are specialists in Passivhaus design and sustainable construction, and they believe buildings should be cozy, long-lasting, and make the best use of resources.

Gresford Architects take great delight in building innovative, enduring, and cooperative partnerships with their customers and contractors. Engaging in a project directly and talking to the people working on it would help it succeed and make the process more fulfilling. 

Address: Unit 1 Oxford Eco Centre, Roger House, Osney Mead, Oxford OX2 0ES, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 01865360037 

Website: https://www.gresfordarchitects.co.uk/

Feedback: They are excellent at resolving problems as they develop on the job site. Strongly suggested.


Whether you’re interested in cutting-edge modern design or the preservation of old architecture, Oxford’s architectural businesses offer a wide spectrum of knowledge and creativity. These companies have all earned their place among the top architects in Oxford, from Berman Guedes Stretton’s ecological and user-centric approach to Purcell’s history and conservation focus.

They continue to influence the city’s architectural scene and inspire the next generations of designers and architects with their tremendous portfolios of completed projects and countless honors.


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