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5 Best Shoe Stores in Leicester


The English city of Leicester, located in the East Midlands, is well-known for its extensive selection of retail establishments, many of which are shoe stores. In Leicester, there are numerous locations to get top-notch shoes for every occasion, from exclusive boutiques to well-known chain stores. In this answer, we’ve created a list of Leicester’s top five shoe retailers together with details on their locations, phone numbers, websites, and reviews from previous customers.

Top 5 Best Shoe Stores in Leicester

1) Superb 

One of the most modern and diversified online shoe businesses is “Shuperb.” The store has been open for more than 30 years. They can provide their award-winning services worldwide because they have cultivated an exceptional knowledge of their client’s requirements and goals.

Their staff can provide the most excellent guidance when choosing your ideal pair of shoes since they have more than 80 years of combined expertise in the footwear business and in-depth product knowledge.

They aim to provide clients unmatched variety, service, and quality globally. They take great satisfaction in providing unmatched customer service and have a wide selection of footwear brands with something for every member of the family.

Address: Unit 3a & 3b, 55 Hastings Road, Leicester LE5 0BT, UK

Contact: 01163260605

Website: https://www.shuperb.co.uk/ 

Customer review: gush about the helpful and welcoming employees and the superb collection and quality of shoes.

2) Shuropody 

Shoe retailer Shuropody focuses on providing customers with supportive and cozy footwear. The company offers shoes that address common foot issues, with a significant focus on the health and welfare of the feet.

Walking shoes, sandals, boots, and other footwear are available at Shuropody for both men and women. To assist clients in locating the ideal pair of shoes that suit their needs and style, the store’s team is trained to offer individualized service.

Address: 19 Hotel Street, Leicester, LE1 5AW

Contact: 01165072853

Website: https://www.shuropody.com/ 

Customer review:  enjoy the individualized attention and professional guidance in selecting the right shoes for their requirements and the extensive selection of styles and sizes.

3) Footasylum 

A large selection of sneakers and streetwear are available for men and women at the hip shoe retailer Footasylum. Although there is a sizable assortment of sports shoes, sneakers, and trainers, the store primarily focuses on casual shoes. Shoes from well-known manufacturers, including Nike, Adidas, Puma, and Vans, are available at Footasylum.

Address: Unit SU14A, Highcross Street, Footasylum, Lower Mall, Highcross, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE1 4FR

Contact: 01162536819

Website: https://www.footasylum.com/ 

Customer review:  We adore the extensive selection of brands and fashions and the helpful and cordial employees.

4) Jones Bootmaker 

A variety of high-quality shoes and boots are available for both men and women at the fashionable shoe business Jones Bootmaker. With a wide variety of formal shoes, boots, and casual shoes, the store’s main emphasis is on classic designs and timeless designs. Shoes from well-known manufacturers, including Clarks, Timberland, and Gabor, are available at Jones Bootmaker.

Address: Highcross Shopping Centre, Unit 46 Upper Mall, Leicester LE1 4FT

Contact: 01162518400

Website: https://www.jonesbootmaker.com/ 

Customer review: I love the excellent selection and quality of shoes and the helpful and knowledgeable staff.

5) Clarks 

Popular shoe retailer Clarks sells many cozy and fashionable shoes for men, women, and kids. The main emphasis of the business, which offers a wide variety of formal shoes, boots, casual shoes, and sandals, is on quality and durability.

Since it uses eco-friendly materials in many of its shoes, Clarks is renowned for its dedication to sustainability and ethical sourcing.

Address: Clarks Leicester, Unit 42 Highcross, LEICESTER, LE1 4AN

Contact: 01162518718

Website: https://www.clarks.co.uk/

Customer review: Many also appreciate the store’s sustainability and ethical sourcing commitment.


Several different shoe stores with distinctive designs, services, and shopping environments can be found in Leicester. You can get anything you need in Leicester, whether looking for upscale dress shoes, cozy walking shoes, or cutting-edge sneakers.

The five stores mentioned in this response are just a handful of the many fantastic possibilities. This list will aid your search for the ideal pair of shoes and serve as a springboard for exploring Leicester’s bustling retail landscape.


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