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Top 5 Indian Restaurants In Aberdeen

Indian Restaurants In Aberdeen

Explore the diverse world of Indian cuisine in Aberdeen, UK. Our city is home to many Indian restaurants, each with its own special dishes. You can try the fragrant spices from the North or the spicy flavors from the South. Aberdeen’s Indian food scene offers a tasty journey for everyone. 

Whether you love classic tandoori dishes or want to taste unique regional specialties, our restaurants have something for every taste. Join us for a delicious adventure and experience the true flavors of India in Aberdeen.

Travancore Restaurant Aberdeen

Explore delicious Indian food at Travancore Restaurant in Aberdeen, UK. We offer friendly service and a variety of flavorful dishes, from tasty curries to special tandoori options. Each bite showcases tradition and creativity. Immerse yourself in a dining experience with vibrant colors and fragrant spices from India. 

Visit Travancore for a memorable food journey in the heart of Aberdeen, where tasty flavors and welcoming hospitality are waiting for you.


Client review: This is the most delicious Indian meal I have tasted in the whole of Scotland. I have visited several. But in Travancore the food is top notch, the service is excellent. Very polite and friendly staff.

Wild Spice Aberdeen

Treat your taste buds to an amazing food journey at Wild Spice Aberdeen. We combine delicious flavors from around the world in a fancy yet cozy setting. Our menu has everything, from tasty steaks to yummy vegetarian dishes, all made with the best ingredients. Come enjoy a meal that’s not just food but a work of art. 

At Wild Spice, we want you to experience the joy of great cuisine with every bite in a welcoming and classy atmosphere.


Client review: Had a lovely meal, the food was really nice and they catered for my vegetarian diet.I would suggest this restaurant if ever visiting Aberdeen. The team were really friendly and made a delightful dining experience.

Rishi’s Indian Aroma Aberdeen

Savor the delicious taste of authentic Indian cuisine at Rishi’s Indian Aroma in Aberdeen. Our chefs blend traditional recipes with a modern touch, offering flavorful biryanis and tempting curries that showcase the rich heritage of Indian flavors. 

The warm and inviting atmosphere adds to the experience, making every visit a celebration of great food. Come join us at Rishi’s Indian Aroma for a dining experience that takes you on a journey to the heart of India.


Client review: Always a treat coming to Rishi’s. Honestly, you cannot go wrong with any items here. My personal favorite is their szechuan noodles. Every single one of the curries I’ve tried there so far have been amazing so just empty your wallet and go for it. A+++

Monsoona Healthy Indian cuisine

Treat your taste buds to a delicious adventure at Monsoona, where we serve up healthy Indian food with a modern touch. Our chefs carefully create each dish, combining traditional flavors to make your meal special. From tasty curries to light tandoori dishes, we have something for everyone. 

Dive into the world of Indian spices and enjoy a dining experience that not only satisfies your hunger but also nourishes your soul. Join us at Monsoona to taste the true essence of India in every bite.


Client review: Gorgeous food and lovely staff. It Was a Tuesday night and it was peaceful.  Why is this restaurant not filled every night.  Aberdeen,  you’re missing out

Curry Mount Indian Deli Aberdeen

Treat your taste buds to real Indian flavors at Curry Mount Indian Deli in Aberdeen. Our chefs create a menu full of delicious curries, spices, and juicy meats. You’ll find both classic and new dishes that take you on a journey through India’s tasty food. 

Come to Curry Mount for a meal that showcases the wonderful art of Indian cooking, all in the middle of Aberdeen. It’s a dining experience that brings the best of Indian cuisine to our city.


Client review: Great value, excellent quality and service, this was our second order, and will now become our regular Indian for a takeaway.


Aberdeen is home to some amazing Indian restaurants, and we’ve got the top 5 for you. Rishi’s Indian Aroma is all about delicious aromas, and Curry Leaf brings innovation to the table. These places don’t just serve food; they take you on a journey to India. 

Whether you love classic Indian flavors or want to try something new, these restaurants have it all. Aberdeen is a paradise for anyone who loves fantastic Indian food, and these spots make dining an unforgettable adventure.

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