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Explore the Top 5 Yoga Studios in Glasgow


Yoga is primarily a spiritual practice that concentrates on balancing the body and mind. It depends on a very subtle science. 

 If you want a more substantial, more effective, versatile body as well as an open, happy heart and mind, Yoga is the best option. It’s a fantastic exercise that will boost your physical and emotional health.

So if you want to perform Yoga, you must go to a yoga studio. Here we show the top 5 yoga studios which are available in Glasgow. If you want to join it, register for your classes. And they perform different types of Yoga. 

Top 5 Yoga Studios in Glasgow

1) The Kali Collective Yoga Studio, Glasgow 

Yoga Studio staff supports Yoga’s core principles, including self-acceptance, self-reflection, and dedication. No matter their age or level of physical fitness, they are committed to establishing a place where all yogis can meet. Their primary goal is to use Yoga to lead others to their unique insight. 

Address: Unit 203, 54 Washington St, Glasgow G3 8AZ, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.kalicollective.com/

Contact Number: +44 7566835600

Reviews: I love this yoga studio. The teachers are so knowledgeable and kind. And its atmosphere is incredibly increasing. I always feel refreshed when I attend this class.

2) Yoga Meditation Healing Glasgow

They specialize in authentic, top-notch yoga teacher training and beginner yoga courses. They offer a calm, secure, and supportive environment. They also provide online lessons that you may take from the convenience of your home.

Address: 4 Lansdowne Cres, Glasgow G20 6NQ, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.yogameditationandhealing.co.uk/

Contact number: +44 7517229777

Reviews: I have been practicing Yoga at this studio for a few months. And I am impressed with it. Their classes are challenging but accessible. Also, the studio is clean and well-maintained. I notice a significant improvement in my flexibility. 

3) Infinity Yoga

They are made to make everyone feel comfortable. They hope to give their pupils the freedom to live their practice on or off the mat. They are excellent for new athletes, riders, and people who exercise. 

Address: 11 Osborne St, Glasgow G1 5QN, United Kingdom

Website: https://www.infinityhotyogaglasgow.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 1415526378

Reviews: I have been to many yoga studios over the years, but this one stands out. Their teachers are mindful. They make everyone feel welcome and supported. 

4) Balance

They offer a wide range of yoga classes for your convenience. They offer 18 up to 20 yoga mats. They make sure that their clients get a comfortable experience. They provide different types of Yoga that relax and meditate your body. 

Address: 118, 122 Napiershall St, North, Glasgow G20 6HT, United Kingdom

Website: https://balance.co.uk/

Contact Number: +44 1413328800

Reviews: I am a beginner at Yoga and nervous to start, but the staff members and teachers are outstanding. They take time to explain poses. And make sure I am comfortable and safe throughout the classes. 

5) Finnieston Yoga Shala

Cathy Moran and Gem Maryan are the founders of this yoga studio. They both are experienced yoga teachers. They provide private classes and tuition for Yoga. They also offer a proper environment for their students. 

They completed their training in Yoga. Now they teach their learning to other people. Stay updated with their online classes and schedule on their website. 

Address: Yellow Building, 1103 Argyle Street The Hidden Lane, Glasgow G3 8ND, United Kingdom

Website: https://ashtangayogaglasgow.co.uk/contact/

Contact Number: +44 7894213107

Reviews: I have been practicing Yoga for years. And I have tried a lot of different styles and studios. This one is hands down my favorite. The community is warm and welcoming. 


Yoga is not a belief system; it is a valuable tool. The ancient art of Yoga depends on a method that promotes the growth of the body, mind, and soul. Regular yoga practice will not only make you feel calm and healthy, but it will also make you experience one with the environment.

So, If you want to practice Yoga regularly, you must join a yoga studio. 

That’s why above we describe the top 5 yoga studios in Glasgow. They all teach you different types of Yoga. So enroll now and improve your body and mind.


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