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5 Best Weight Loss Centres Birmingham


Although losing weight might be difficult, it is possible to do it successfully with the correct assistance and direction. Several weight reduction facilities in Birmingham provide services and programs to aid people in losing weight.

These facilities employ various strategies, including meal replacement plans and medically supervised weight reduction, to assist patients in losing weight and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. We will examine Birmingham’s top five weight reduction facilities in this post, their locations, phone numbers, websites, and reviews from previous clients.

Top 5 Best Weight Loss Centres in Birmingham

1) My Fat Freeze

In Birmingham, England, My Fat Freeze develops a haven for customers where they may gain from therapies for muscle growth and fat removal. The customers may feel at ease while reducing weight, burning fat, and building muscle by getting a body contouring treatment from a highly qualified aesthetician.

They possess the expertise and understanding to design the ideal action and achieve exceptional outcomes. They invested significantly in the caliber and effectiveness of their cryolipolysis, ultrasound, and electromagnetic body contouring procedures.

Address: Suite 13a, The CIBA building, 146 Hagley Rd, Birmingham B16 9NX.

Contact: 01215170787

Website: https://myfatfreeze.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Customers praise the program’s simplicity, support, and effectiveness.

2) Healthier Weight

Healthier Weight is a highly regarded weight reduction company that provides safe weight loss treatments that may be customized to your unique needs and circumstances. With nationwide clinics, it won’t be difficult to access the surgeons’ knowledge to help you choose the most appropriate therapy for your body mass and health condition.

Gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, and ESG are some of the therapies they provide, so go and inquire about these various surgeries with them right now.

Address:11 Highfield Road, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 3DU

Contact: 08003134618

Website: https://www.healthierweight.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: The program’s outcomes, guidance, and simple design have received praise from users.

3) Body Transformation

In Birmingham, England, the weight loss specialists at Body Transformation provide both men and women with personal training programs. They can lose up to 28 pounds in 90 days, significantly improving their feelings and looks.

They create a diet and exercise plan just for you. Their programs aim to increase your body confidence and rate of weight reduction. Your trainer can help you tone up, reduce weight, and learn how to eat healthy in person or online. Your dietary plans will be assisted by their workout regimens.

Address: 100 Holloway Head, Birmingham, B1 1NB.

Contact: 07727711423

Website: https://www.bodytransformation.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: Lauding the program’s adaptability and support from the community.

4) Weight Loss Clinic

In Birmingham, England, Weight Loss Clinic provides non-surgical weight loss alternatives. Their specialized staff is committed to providing thorough help throughout the route. To assist you in permanently changing your eating and lifestyle habits, they provide a behavioral and nutritional assistance program.

Lead Consultant Endocrinologist Dr. AbdTahrani is running the initiative. You can rely on their knowledgeable patient advisors to help you maximize the impact of your program. To maximize weight reduction and provide the greatest long-term outcomes after stopping the medication, they will assist you in changing your food and living routines.

Address: 11 Highfield Road, Birmingham, B15 3D.

Contact: 08005316703

Website: https://weightlossclinic.co.uk/

Customer Reviews: The program’s tailored approach, encouraging personnel, and outcomes appeal to us.

5) Body Sharp Academy

Every single one of the solutions they provide comes with individualized attention, free use of our APP to follow your fitness program and track your progress, nutritional guidance to develop good eating habits, and a guarantee of change, provided you stick to your program as instructed.

Body Sharp offers the resources to assist you in attaining your specific fitness objectives at Body Sharp Studio Fitness Academy, whether to get in shape, lose weight, improve flexibility or resistance, or prepare for an athletic career.

Address: Unit 306, the Mills Building, 30 Chester St, Aston B6 4BE, Birmingham, UK.

Contact: 07955555974

Website: https://bodysharpfitness.com/

Customer Reviews: very supportive and friendly staff.


A weight loss center might be the solution you’re seeking if you want to reduce weight and lead a better lifestyle. The facilities featured in this article provide various services and programs, such as individualized counseling, meal replacement plans, and medically supervised weight reduction, to assist you in reaching your weight loss objectives.

You may select the best weight reduction facility for you by conducting your own research and reading client testimonials. You can reduce weight and enhance your health and well-being with the correct assistance and coaching.


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