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5 Best Video Graphers in Leicester


There are many skilled filmmakers in Leicester who provide a variety of services for both private and commercial requirements. These filmmakers use their technological expertise and ingenuity to create high-quality visual content that perfectly expresses the requirements of their customers, whether they are shooting a business event or a wedding.

Based on their services, client feedback, and professionalism, we’ve featured the top five videographers in Leicester in this piece.

Top 5 Best Video Graphers in Leicester

1) MGL Media 

Leicester, UK-based MGL Media is a full-service video-producing firm. They produce top-notch videos for both public and private organizations in the UK. Their videos are expertly made by a talented, knowledgeable staff. They have 20 years of expertise in the field of video production, therefore they are knowledgeable about it.

MGL Media produces crisp, captivating videos with top-notch audio and understandable stories. Every year, they produce and edit hundreds of high-definition films and video marketing campaigns for big-name brands as well as independent businesses and organizations. 

Address: 31 Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE, UK

Contact: 01162616818

Website: https://www.mglmedia.tv/ 

Customer reviews: The firm’s professionalism, high standard of service, and reasonable prices have received appreciation from customers.

2) Incite Video 

Leicester, UK-based Incite Video is a creative video production firm. With years of combined expertise, their highly trained staff is an irresistible creative force. To promote your business or corporate branding, their broad team of creatives uses their expertise in video and marketing to produce aesthetically attractive, impactful, and captivating video content.

Their experienced team of producers uses their background in marketing and video production to produce video content that will help your business. 

Address: LCB Depot, Rutland Street, Leicester LE1 1RE, UK

Contact: 03301200587

Website: https://incite.video/ 

Customer reviews: we praised the firm for both its exceptional customer service and its unique and high-quality videography.

3) Black Rock Films 

Based in Leicester, Black Rock Films is a multi-award-winning wedding videography company that services both domestic and international weddings. In 2019, Matt, a filmmaker with more than 10 years of expertise, established Black Rock Films.

From the first look to the last dance, they specialize in capturing the grace and passion of your wedding day. Their crew of skilled videographers is dedicated to crafting an interesting and imaginative account of your tale.

They record breathtaking videos with the most up-to-date equipment, and they painstakingly edit their movies to become timeless works of art that you will treasure for years to come. 

Address: 126 Ainsdale Road, Leicester LE3 0UB, UK 

Contact: 07411941244

Website: https://blackrock.film/ 

Customer reviews: The Company’s professionalism, knowledge, and welcoming service have received high appreciation from clients.

4) M Video Art 

They are a group of enthusiastic photographers and filmmakers that are driven to capture the events of your wedding in a creative and considerate way. With over 17 years of expertise, M Video Art is a photography and video production firm. They have a Leicester base and are open to go wherever in the world. To discuss how they may make your special day unique, kindly accompany them on this creative trip. 

Address: 61 Brompton Road, Hamilton, Leicester, LE5 1PP

Contact: 07574450307

Website: https://www.mvideoart.co.uk/ 

Customer reviews: they are professional, have excellent communication, and have beautiful videography.

5) Yellow Glove Productions 

Leicester, England-based Yellow Glove Productions is a firm that creates videos. In 2019, Jasper Alyn Stephens established it. The firm focuses on making movies for weddings and companies. Videographers and editors with years of expertise and talent work with Yellow Glove Productions.

They are enthusiastic about making videos that engage viewers and communicate stories. The business has a body of work in its portfolio that demonstrates its talents and originality. Businesses of various sizes, as well as individuals and couples, are among its clientele.

The video production firm Yellow Glove Productions is reputable and skilled. You may use it to make the ideal video for your company or occasion.

Address: 84 High Street, Leicester, LE1 5YP, UK

Contact: 07795572794

Website: https://yellow-glove.co.uk/branding 

Customer reviews: Appreciated the company’s courteous and professional demeanor as well as its high caliber and inventive videography.


It can be challenging to select the ideal photographer for your requirements. However, using this list will make it simple for you to choose the best option for your requirements. The videographers on this list provide expert services and have a solid reputation for delivering satisfied clients, whether you’re looking for one for a wedding, a business function, or simply to document some special moments.

So, if you need a filmmaker in Leicester, make sure to give one of these top five specialists some thought.


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