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5 Best Swimming Pools in Oxford


If you want to enjoy swimming then we have some of the best Swimming Pools in Oxford. These swimming pools are very clean and their staff is very helpful. They will provide you with good service. You can visit these swimming pools whenever you want with your family. We have 5 Best Swimming Pools in Oxford.

5 Best Swimming Pools in Oxford

1) Leys Pools and Leisure Centre

Leys Pools and Leisure Centre have got many fantastic facilities to offer which includes gym and fitness equipment, swimming pools and many group exercise programmes such as yoga, soft play, pilates etc. All activities in the Leys Pools and Leisure Centre will be booked online only. They offer a free swimming pool for children under 16 years. Customer love this pool.

Address: Pegasus Rd, Oxford, OX4 6JL, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 3448933222

Website: www.fusion-lifestyle.com

Reviews: Amazing facilities, everything well maintained and clean. Timetable includes frequent slots for men swimming. Staff are always helpful and friendly. The pool is very modern for the area. It is much cleaner than you would expect. The changing rooms are quite nice for a swimming pool.

2) Rosenblatt Pool

They provide membership to anyone over the age of 16.The pool is 8-lane and 25m long with the facility of moveable floor and it is available everyday for members to swim. Their timetable for the swimming pool is available on their website. Swim School of Oxfordshire delivers all swimming lessons in the Rosenblatt Pool.

Address: Lffley Rd, Oxford OX2 1EQ, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1865611476

Website: www.sport.ox.ac.uk

Reviews: Their service was very great, incredibly helpful, always getting a smile or hello from staff. They allowed me to book twice on days where slots or early. Well, a good app works very well and has a good atmosphere. I already recommend it to my friends.

3) David Lloyd Oxford

David Llyord allows children to bring together and relax in the club and to eat in their clubroom. This is the perfect place for your fitness needs and many more. They have beautiful swimming pools, spa, tennis courts and exercise classes etc. Their staff is very friendly.

Address: Business Park North, Oxford Business Park, Garsington Rd, Oxford, OX4 2JY, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1865334950

Website: www.davidlloyd.co.uk

Reviews: Staff friendly and helpful. Facilities clean and in good condition, great gym with a wide range of classes and awesome instructors. Pool and spa facilities are suitable.

4) Ferry Leisure Centre

Ferry Leisure Centre offers with gym, indoor courts, basketball, cafe and amazing swimming pool. Their pool is very nice. There is usually less crowd in the mornings. The facilities provided by them is awesome

Address: Diamond Pl,Summertown, Oxford, OX2 7DP, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1865467060

Website: www.fusion-lifestyle.com

Reviews: Clean, inexpensive leisure facility. Friendly and helpful staff. Great for kids. Showers in swimming changing rooms are great. Decent facilities with a very big pool.

5) Woodstock Open Air Pool

Woodstock Open Air Pool has a very easy online booking system. The pool over here is very good. It’s 3.5 metres deep. They have a very friendly staff too. It’s a very amazing place to swim, especially in the rainy season. Warm pool is also available. The pool over here is very clean and warm. The changing rooms are quite presentable too. They even have a sufficient grass area.

Address: Shipton Rd, Woodstock 0X20 1LW, United Kingdom.

Contact: +44 1993811785

Website: Woodstock Open Air Pool

Reviews: I love this pool, the staff are also friendly and nice. It’s always a great experience. Particularly good for my grandson as it’s smaller and not overcrowded. He loves it here, a very good discovery this summer. I would highly recommend it.


These are the 5 Best Swimming Pools in Oxford. You can easily contact them and ask them for other details. You can also do online booking from their given websites. They will give you satisfaction by providing quality services. If you like to swim or you want to learn swimming and you are living in Oxford then you should definitely check the above given Swimming Pools in Oxford. You can visit there at any time with your friends and family and enjoy the swimming.


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