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Try These 5 Best SPAs in Cambridge


A spa day is an effective way to rest and reconnect relationships with friends, loved ones, and oneself. It’s the perfect moment to relax, calm down, and enjoy after wearing a towel. 

Spas in Cambridge come in a wide variety, each with special features, services, and atmosphere. Researching and selecting the best Spa based on individual preferences and requirements is crucial because of the many possibilities.

And so it has increased along with the popularity of spa treatments. So here we describe the 5 best spas which are located in Cambridge. So, try these spas and relax with yourself and your loved ones.

Top 5 Best SPA in Cambridge

1) The Spa’s 

welcoming team and carefully qualified professionals are committed to providing you with the best possible personal care. All skincare requirements for men, women, and kids are fulfilled through the Spa’s cutting-edge methods and products. 

All-natural products are available to provide you with a total mind-body experience. Wheelchair users have access to the Spa. 

Address:  717 King Street East, Cambridge, ON N3H 3N8

Contact: +1 5196538000

Website: https://www.thespacambridge.ca/

Customer review: the treatment at this Spa is amazing. Their massage and facial are so good. They always use high-quality products. I advised that you should try this Spa at least one time.

2) Cloud nine Spa 

Cloud Nine Spa allows visitors to relax from the stresses of daily life. They try to offer their customers top-notch service and use name-brand items. After each usage, the pedicure sinks and instruments are cleaned and immersed in medical-grade disinfectant.

Their skilled spa professionals can provide treatments or satisfaction from head to toe. They also use natural moisturizers to improve blood flow and soften skin. 

Address: 1705 Blair Road, Cambridge, ON N3H 4R8 

Contact: +1 5192676463

Website: https://cloudninespa.ca/

Customer review: if you want some Relaxation time, this place is the perfect solution. You can get peace of mind with their massage Treatment. They also provide other facilities like waxing, facials, and many more. 

3) Cambridge Belfry Hotel &Spa

The Cambridge Belfry is an excellent location for a spa day because it is convenient and only a short distance from the city. You may enjoy the gym, the swimming, and the poolside space. There is also a tiny rest area where you can read and rest. 

Here, the medical care is first-rate. The staff accepts your needs, and the packages are extremely affordable. 

Address: Back Ln, Great Cambourne, Cambourne, Cambridge CB23 6BW, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1954714600 

Website: https://www.thecambridgebelfry.co.uk/

Customer Review: I have been to a lot of space, but this one is too good. The team is so knowledgeable and has skills. I spent the entire day here and didn’t want to leave. 

4) QI spa

 This is surely one of Cambridge’s most well-liked spa resorts. And it’s hardly remarkable that it provides over 80 different services. It will range from the usual massages and facials to micro-needling.

You’ll discover the appropriate specialists for anything you’re looking for in your spa days. The facilities are therapeutic and energizing, With both indoor and outdoor alternatives.

Address: David Lloyd Cambridge, Coldham’s Business Park, Coldhams Ln, Cambridge CB1 3LH, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1223455400

Website: https://qi-spa.co.uk/

Customer Review:  I had a great experience with it. Recently I went to this place. I went for a massage and facial. They use high-quality products, and their smells are so refreshing. Also, their expert is friendly. 

5) Cambridge Country Club SPA 

There are stunning underground pools, heat treatment rooms, hot tubs, baths, steam rooms, rain showers, and Himalayan rock rooms where you can relax. 

They provide Feet Massages. It is only one of the definitive therapies they offer. Moreover, They also offer meals and coffee, and cake. 

Address: Toft Rd, Bourn, Cambridge CB23 2TT, United Kingdom 

Contact: +44 1223247365

Website: https://www.cambridgecountryclub.com/

Customer review: this place is the best. The experts are so friendly, and the treatment is perfect. They work exactly as I want. So I highly recommend that you should try it at least one time.


A spa day in Cambridge can provide a perfect opportunity for relaxation. Spas give a wide range of various services and features, so it’s important to do research. And select the one that suits your preferences and requirements.

From The Spa to Cambridge Country Club Spa, these five spas offer high-quality services, friendly staff, and the use of natural products. Trying these spas. And get a great experience to unwind and enjoy some pampering.


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