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5 Best Solar Panel Maintenance in Leicester


The maintenance of solar panels is critical for optimum performance and long-term sustainability as a renewable energy source. Several solar panel maintenance service companies in Leicester provide services to keep solar panels clean and well-maintained.

The best five solar panel maintenance service companies in Leicester, as well as their offerings, client feedback, and warranties and guarantees, have been covered in this article.

Top 5 Best Solar Panel Maintenance in Leicester

1) Renergy Solutions 

Renergy Solutions is a firm that specializes in renewable energy and is committed to giving you a way to generate energy that is both clean and effective. They provide solutions for every type of home and company, including solar power, air source heat pumps, and auto chargers, and they may also assist with other technologies. They have the expertise and personnel to assist with any project, regardless of size. 

Address: Dock, 75 Exploration Drive, Leicester, LE4 5NU

Contact: 08006906993

Website: https://www.renergysolutions.co.uk/ 

Customer Review: The engineers who came to fit the solar panels were very polite and worked efficiently.

2) Jonstar Sustainable Technologies Ltd 

Jonathan Harris established Jonstar Energy Brokers Ltd. in 2013. This encounter opened my eyes to the possibilities in the commercial energy industry. Jonathan could see that deceptive sales tactics and appalling customer service were commonplace for UK firms.

As a result of Jonathan’s conviction that he could create his own company in this sector and a little financing from his parents, Jonstar Energy Brokers was established. 

Address: 14 Stoneygate Court, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE2 2AH 

Contact: 01162704686

Website: https://www.jstarenergy.co.uk/ 

Customer Review: Great maintenance service from the team Jonstar Sustainable Technologies, always prompt and efficient with their work.

3) Indigo Renewable Energies Ltd 

In the Midlands, Indigo Renewable Energies offers specialized installation of solar thermal systems, biomass, ground source heat pumps, and air source heat pumps.  They have a solid track record and a stellar reputation for providing whole-house solutions that include renewables, plumbing, heating, gas installations, and service.

They are headquartered in central Leicestershire. Their staff has over 30 years of combined experience in the heating and renewable energy industries, and they have been in business for almost 13 years. 

Address: 20 William Street, Leicester, England, LE1 1RW, United Kingdom

Contact: 01162608002

Website: https://indigorenewables.co.uk/ 

Customer Review: Fantastic service from start to finish, the team was very professional and helpful throughout the process. Highly recommend Solar Plants.

4) Dial A Solar 

Dial A Solar is a solar energy company in England that is considered one of the best solar panel companies in Leicester. They have been in business for over 10 years and have installed solar panels on over 1,000 homes and businesses in the area. Dial A Solar offers a variety of solar panel packages to fit your needs and budget.

They also offer financing options to make it easier to afford solar panels. If you are looking for a solar panel company in Leicester, Dial A Solar is a great option. 

Address: 24 Haskell Cl, Thorpe Astley, Leicester LE3 3UA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 (0)7387637724

Website: https://dialasolar.co.uk/ 

Customer Review: Very pleased with Dial A Solar’s service, which included prompt and effective identification and repair of a problem with our solar panels.

5) Run by the Sun Ltd 

Design, installation, and maintenance of Solar PV systems for residences, companies, community organizations, and off-grid areas are the specialties of Run by the Sun Ltd. Our primary service areas are Leicestershire and the Midlands, while commercial contracts occasionally require us to work beyond.

Our corporate office is in Leicester. Solar PV systems are made to need less maintenance. However, errors do happen, thus it’s critical to keep system downtime to a minimum in these circumstances.

Run by the Sun has service contracts with top manufacturers, allowing THEM to visit the location, identify the problems, and set up new parts—even for systems that we did not initially install.

Address: 2 Carisbrooke Court, 55 Carisbrooke Road Leicester LE2 3PF

Contact: 07803976000

Website: https://runbythesun.co.uk/ 

Customer Review: Run by the Sun was great to work with, very professional and knowledgeable. Would recommend them to anyone looking for solar panel maintenance services.


To ensure that your solar panels function well and survive a long time, it is essential to choose the best solar panel maintenance service provider in Leicester. These businesses all have a good reputation, provide a variety of services, and provide warranties or guarantees to give you peace of mind. It’s crucial to think about your unique wants and specifications before selecting a service provider.


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