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Top 5 Rated Painting Contractors in Birmingham


It is a critical sector in Birmingham, and the no. of painting contractors operates in the painting industry here. These contractors provide services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients, including interior and exterior painting, wallpapering, drywall repair, and more.

Birmingham’s booming economy in the construction sector has significantly aided in the rise of demand for painting contractors. It is also because property market demand in the city in recent times has fuelled the growth of many related services; the painting industry is one of the many services that benefited from this growth.

The contractors vie for customers’ attention in a competitive space based on quality work, pricing, experience, etc. It’s become necessary for contractors to use the latest tool and technology available in the painting industry to remain highly competitive.

Top 5 Best Painting Contractors in Birmingham

1) Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating Ltd:

Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating Ltd has existed for over 20 years in the painting industry. They take on all painting jobs, from small domestic to large commercial projects. Their cater services to customers in Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Their Service includes: 

  • Painting and decorating service
  • Interior decorating
  • Spray painting
  • Wallpapering or renovations

Address: 52 Bromford Lane, Birmingham, B24 8BX

Contact: 07587440137

Website: Hi-Tech Painting & Decorating Ltd

Customer service: Their extensive knowledge made our painting job a one to reckon with, we are very with their professional services.

2) Ali Painters& Decorators Ltd

Ali Painters &Decorators provide their services in and around Birmingham; they claim 24/7 services. 

 Services include:

  • Painting and decorating service
  • Interior decorating

Address: Birmingham, B11 4AE, UK

Contact: 07946233835 / 07405178926

Website: https://ali-painters-decorators-ltd.business.site/

Customer review: They are true to their commitment to providing 24/7 services, which we came to experience when we had a deadline to complete our painting job by Saturday to restart our Shop and services in the area which was closed for more than a week & Ali made it possible for us.

G&G Professional Services

G&G are professionals at painting and decorating to renovations of entire properties; they cater to all your property improvement needs. G&G provide painting services to both commercial and residential properties. Their clients vouch for their exceptional care and attention to detail work in painting services.

3) G&G services include:

  • Home painting
  • Commercial panting
  • Internal painting
  • External painting and more

Address: Great Charles Street Queensway, west midlands, BirminghamB3 2LX

Contact: 07456795035

Website: https://gandgprofessionalservices.co.uk/

Customer review: We had done our reception area work renovated recently from G&G, and it came out well and to a satisfactory level. 


If you need professional painting and decorating services, then Sam&Guys D├ęcor is the best professional painters and decorators in Birmingham with years of experience. They have a lot of creative ideas to suggest for your painting needs.

Their services include:

  • Anti-Vandal Coatings
  • Door Stripping
  • Exterior Painting
  • Paint Sprayer
  • Painting / Decorating
  • Timber Resin Repairs
  • Timber Restoration
  • Wallpapering

Address: Harry Watton House, 97 Church Rd, Birmingham B6 5UG, United Kingdom

Contact: 07576552550

Website: https://www.samandguysdecor.co.uk/

Customer service: We have been their regular customer and would recommend their Service any day for decorating services. Amongst the Best and most reliable there is.

5) Smart Painters

Competent painters offer their services throughout Birmingham and also throughout the West Midlands. They cover both domestic and commercial work in and around the Birmingham area. They provide add-on services like Free on-site quotation, free filler, masking tape, etc.

Smart Painter’s primary services include:

  • Interior and external painting
  • Wallpapering and more

Address:1, Birmingham, B9 5RG, UK

Contact: 07426794989

Website: https://smart-mm-painter.business.site/

Customer service: Smart painters did a commendable job with our home painting; they were very sincere and worked to the detail. The best part was they did a clean-up job after the Service without any stain marks on the floor or furniture. Thanks, Smart Painters, for your excellent services.


There is a lot of competition in the painting contractor market in Birmingham, with many contractors offering a wide range of services for all types of clients, i.e. residential, commercial or industrial. Each contractor provides unique add-on services to their clients to stay ahead of the curve. 

We recommend choosing from a wide range of service providers who meet your painting requirements using many criteria like track record, quality of work, reviews, budget etc. This article provides you with various choices for you to make an informed decision. 


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