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Lists of Top 5 Property Attorneys in Cambridge 


Lawyers who focus on giving legal advice and assistance in areas of property law, such as the purchase, sale, renting, and management of property investment, are known as property attorneys.

Top lawyers in this area are selected based on various criteria, like their track record, experience, skill, and customer experience. This topic’s goal is to help people who need some
legal services related to property.

And They wanted to choose the most qualified and reputable legal representation, .so that we here described five top-rated property attorneys in Cambridge.

Top 5 Best Property Attorneys in Cambridge

1) Song law firm

The Song Law Firm offers legal services to Chinese and Korean customers. Its staff provides detailed support with investment, selling, and closings, as well as with negotiations and reviews. Also, its plan contains and settles issues between property owners, including holdovers, sellers, tenders, etc. 

They quickly solve our property relates problems and guide how to deal with them. 

Address: 125 Cambridgepark Dr., Suite 301, Cambridge, MA 02140, United States

Website: https://songlawfirm.com/contacts/

Contact: 6174891327

Customer Review: I had the best experience with this song law firm. They always quickly respond to my query. Also, they always update my every little detail. Their lawyer is too kind and friendly. 

2) The law office of David j. Mahlowitz, LLC 

They provide facilities to traders. It helps customers understand the property investment process. And also they offer them personalized solutions to help them reach their financial objectives. 

 David Mahlowitz is the company’s founder and managing partner. Also, he runs a small housing agency with seven locations and more than 100 staff members. 

Address: 907R Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States

Website: https://www.davidmahlowitzlaw.com/contact-3/

Contact: +1 6172307200

Customer Review: I had some issues with my property last year, .and I hired this attorney. And I quickly solve my issue. They are so polite and time punctual. 

3) Cumsky & Foss LLP attorneys at law 

Cumsky & Foss LLP Lawyers at Law serves clients in property investment cases in Cambridge and the surrounding areas. It assists clients with sales, purchases, and commercial and residential real property development. 

The firm also guides social housing agencies, commercial contractors, and investors through the complexity of affordable housing law. 

Address: 6 University Rd # 2, Cambridge, MA 02138, United States

Website: https://www.cumskyfoss.com/

Contact: 6174929700

Customer Review:  I am fully satisfied with their service. They are too cool and take care of my case. They are so responsible. I recommend hiring this attorney if you face any problems with your property. 

4) Tees law – Cambridge 

Whether purchasing your first property, moving, or increasing your buy-to-let portfolio, we have the real-world experience to advise. Their lawyers will handle everything, including arranging the local searches to verifying agreements and financial plans. Your attorney will notify you immediately if any issues arise and offer guidance on what to do next.

Address: Titan House, Castle Park, Cambridge CB3 0AY, United Kingdom 

Website: https://www.teeslaw.com/about-us/our-offices/cambridge/

Contact: +44 1223311141 

Customer review: This is so Great. Whenever I have an issue with my property, I come to them. And They always advise me and take care of my case and any regarding information.

5) Barr Ellison Law

When all you want is for everything to go well, without any unpleasant last-minute shocks, Barr Ellison can offer the knowledge you need. They have a highly skilled staff. They know what to look for, and they can relieve you of the primary headaches.

address: 39 Parkside, Cambridge CB1 1PN, United Kingdom

Website: https://barrellison.co.uk/

Contact: +44 1223417200

Customer review: I have had an issue with my property for several years. And I hire 2 to 3-time different attorneys. When I came to Barr Ellison Law, they gave me a better result. They kindly respond to my every query and update me on the entire process.


This article provides useful information for anyone looking for property attorneys in Cambridge. The list of the top five attorneys includes a brief overview of their services. It allows potential clients to make an informed decision about which attorney is best suited for their needs. 

Here we describe customer reviews that provide insight into the quality of this attorney’s services. This topic emphasizes the importance of choosing qualified and reputable legal representation for property investment matters. 

This article is a helpful resource for individuals looking for legal advice and assistance in areas of property law.


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