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5 Best Pottery Shops in Birmingham


Central England’s Birmingham has a long history in the pottery business. Some of the top pottery stores in the nation are located in the city. There are several pottery stores in Birmingham that are likely to meet your needs, whether you’re a collector or just seeking for unusual presents. The best 5 pottery stores in Birmingham will be discussed in this post along with their addresses, phone numbers, websites, and reviews from previous clients.

Top 5 Best Pottery Shops in Birmingham

1) Fire Formed

Fire Formed is a pottery studio and shop in Birmingham, England. It is owned and operated by Nessa, who is a self-taught potter. She specializes in making functional pottery, such as bowls, cups, plates, and more decorative pieces, such as vases and sculptures.

She also experiments with different glazes and firing methods. Her work is characterized by its simple, elegant lines and its use of natural, earthy colors. Fire Formed offers a variety of workshops and classes for people of all ages and skill levels. Nessa also sells her work online and at select retail shops in Birmingham.

Address: Old Print Works, 498-506 Moseley Rd, Birmingham B12 9AL, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7745092716

Website: https://www.fireformed.co.uk/

Customer review: I love Fire Formed of Birmingham. Their pottery is beautiful and of high quality. I always get compliments on my Carter’s dishes whenever I have company. Highly recommend it.

2) The Pottery Studio

In the centre of Birmingham, there is a tiny, independent pottery store called The Pottery Studio. The business sells a selection of handcrafted ceramic goods, including mugs, bowls, and plates. You may also take pottery workshops at the Pottery Studio to learn how to make your own ceramic items.

Address: Shed 4/20 Brookes Street, Nambour 4560

Contact: +44 1214597400

Website: https://thepotterystudio.com.au/

Customer review: The Pottery Studio is a hidden gem in Birmingham. The pottery classes are fun and informative, and the pottery items for sale are beautiful and unique. Highly recommend checking this place out!

3) Royal Stafford

Royal Stafford is a ceramics company that creates beautiful bone china of the highest calibre. One of the most well-known pottery businesses in the UK, the store has been making pottery since 1845. Teapots, tableware, and giftware are just a few of the beautiful bone china products available at Royal Stafford.

Address: The Royal Overhouse Manufactory Site, Overhouse Street, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, England, ST6 4EE.

Contact:  01782525419

Website: https://www.royalstafford.co.uk/

Customer review: Royal Stafford is my go-to for high-quality bone china. Their designs are beautiful and timeless, and the quality is unmatched

4) Moorcroft

Handcrafted art pottery is the company’s speciality at Moorcroft. The business, which was established in 1897, is renowned for its unusual and elaborate designs. Each piece of Moorcroft pottery is handcrafted using traditional methods, and the artist who made it signs each piece. Vases, bowls, and lamps are just a few of the many clay products that are produced by the business.

Address: Sandbach Road, Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, ST6 2DQ

Contact: +44 1782820500

Website: https://www.moorcroft.com/

Customer review: Moorcroft pottery is simply stunning. The designs are intricate and unique, and the quality is exceptional.

5) Emma Bridgewater

A pottery studio that creates goods out of handmade ceramics is called Emma Bridgewater. The business was established in 1985 and is renowned for its unique and vibrant designs. Mugs, plates, and bowls are just a few of the clay products that Emma Bridgewater has available. You may also have your own design or message added to a ceramic item using the store’s personalization service.

Address: Lichfield Street, Hanley, Stoke-on-Trent, ST1 3EJ

Contact: +44 1782201328

Website: https://www.emmabridgewater.co.uk/

Customer review: if you enjoy to interior and outside beautify your home. Just where is this? Due to the fact that the fall-themed products were 75% off, I have everything I need to decorate my mantle for the next fall season.


Some of the top pottery stores in the UK may be found in Birmingham. This list of pottery stores offers a wide selection of ceramic objects in both conventional and more contemporary and abstract patterns. These pottery stores are likely to meet your needs, whether you’re a collector or just seeking for unusual presents. Each business sells high-quality clay goods and has its own individual flair.

Customer testimonials show how well-liked these stores are among people who have been there. Hence, if you’re in Birmingham, be sure to stop by these top 5 pottery stores to expand your collection with some one-of-a-kind and lovely pottery pieces.

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