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5 Best Osteopaths in London


Osteopathy is a type of manual treatment that treats musculoskeletal diseases to boost the body’s inherent healing capacities. It’s a popular alternative to traditional treatment that may be used to treat everything from back discomfort to sports injuries.

If you’re looking for an osteopath in London, you have many possibilities. In this post, we’ve included the five top osteopaths in London, their addresses, contact information, website, and reviews.

Top 5 Best Osteopaths in London

1) Mr David Propert

After earning his degree from the British School of Osteopathy (now the University College of Osteopathy) in 1993, Mr Propert founded Dolphin Square Osteopaths while working in Windsor group practices and helping at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

He established Calmer Clinics to provide a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to healthcare. He was one of the twenty-five osteopaths that worked in the Olympics polyclinic in London in 2012 and has various clinical interests, including paediatrics, cranial osteopathy, and sports injuries.

Address: Dolphin Square, Chichester Street, London, United Kingdom, SW1V 3LX

Contact: +44 2077988685

Website: Mr David Propert

Review: David is professional and thorough throughout the sessions. Therefore I would strongly suggest him. I am happy with how my rehabilitation has gone thus far.

2) Mr Guy Gold

Guy has been operating an osteopathic clinic in Camden for 20 years, and he has established his practice’s reputation on a dedication to assisting each patient in living their best lives.

The British College of Naturopathy and Osteopathy awarded Guy a BSc Hons in 1998. Guy adopts a comprehensive perspective and is eager to collaborate closely with the person to improve health and wellness. 

Address: 85 Jamestown Rd, Camden Town, London, United Kingdom, NW1 7DB

Contact: +44 2036324130

Website: Mr Guy Gold

Review: It gives me a lot of joy to be with Guy Gold and his staff. I feel welcomed, supported, and brilliantly taken care of!

3) Mrs Sonal Patel

With more than 20 years of expertise in all facets of her trade, including complex spinal issues, common repetitive strain injuries, and sports injuries, Mrs Sonal Patel is a renowned osteopath. She is a well-respected member of the allied health field and has a close relationship with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, Stanmore.

A diverse team of private doctors, consultants, and other medical experts situated at the Wellington Outpatient and Diagnostic Centre, Elstree, offers osteopathic treatment as a comprehensive method.

Address: St. Johns Wood, London, United Kingdom, NW8 7JA

Contact: +44 2070794344

Website: Mrs Sonal Patel

Review: Sonal asked me many questions so she could thoroughly grasp my symptoms and determine what was wrong. She has a wealth of knowledge and experience and does a good job of explaining treatment approaches.

4) Ms Claire Fitchie

With over ten years of expertise in treating and managing osteopathic conditions in various patients, Claire Fitchie is a Senior Osteopath and Massage Therapist. Her primary location is the MP Health Clinic.

In addition to receiving her diplomas in sports massage therapy, cranial osteopathy, and kinesiology taping, Claire earned her BSc in osteopathy in 2012. After completing her education, Claire enrolled with the General Osteopathic Council and became a member of the Institute of Osteopathy. 

Address: 39 Harwood Road, London, United Kingdom, SW6 4QP

Contact: +44 2034419013

Website: Ms Claire Fitchie

Review: She is very talented and helpful, Always a positive experience.

5) Mr Emyr Lloyd-Jones

Emyr is a highly skilled osteopath who earned honours in osteopathic medicine from the British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1996. Since then, he has worked in Wimbledon and established a solid local reputation for his diagnosis and care calibre.

Emyr uses his extensive knowledge to effectively assess his patients and create individualized treatment regimens to improve their immediate symptoms and overall health and wellbeing.

Address: 87 Hamilton Road, London, United Kingdom, SW19 1JG

Contact: +44 2085405543

Website: Mr Emyr Lloyd-Jones

Review: Great experience. Over the past several months, Emyr has greatly helped me with niggling back pain and a nasty skiing injury.

6) Mr. Matthew Wood

At Evolution Osteopathy, Mr. Matthew Wood serves as clinic director and osteopath. The London School of Osteopathy awarded him a master’s degree. His additional training includes IASTM and Medical Acupuncture/Dry Needling.

Mr. Matthew specializes in treating physical or muscle pain and ailments. He has acquired many abilities through dealing with patients from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. Mr. Matthew and his staff delightfully provide individualized treatments and exercises for each patient. They care for a wide range of patients with many symptoms and objectives.

Address: 75 Roupell St, London SE1 8SS

Contact: 02079281361

Website: https://evolutionosteopathy.co.uk/

7) Mr.Christopher Datler

The Blackheath Sports Clinic’s founder and medical director is Christoph Datler. You can be sure that your health concerns are in the best hands because of the doctor’s background in competitive sports, his extensive academic training, and his years of experience treating high-level athletes, members of the general public, and patients with complex pain presentations. This is true whether you have acute back pain, shoulder issues, are recovering from an injury, or need a general MOT for your body. 

Address: Eliot Hill 1A, London SE13 7EB

Contact: 07776420933

Website: https://www.blackheathclinic.com/

Review: Christopher always finds the source and treats the underlying cause of my imbalances and aches because he takes the time to comprehend them completely.

8) Mr. Torben Hersborg

Principal osteopath Torben Hersborg established the Central London Osteopathy and Sports Injury Clinics 1991. Torben specializes in structural therapy for short-term pain and chronic disorders, sports injuries, and performance enhancement for elite competitors.

Cases that have so far resisted treatment are his favorites. Patients have flown him to most continents and traveled from all over the world to visit him.

Address: 325-327 Old St, Hoxton, London, UK EC1V 9LE.

Contact: 02077395666

Website: https://london-osteopath.com/

Review: To determine if your joints are aging more quickly than the rest of you, osteopath Torben Hersborg created the Joint Age Test. Take the exam to find out how you do because most joint issues worsen if not treated immediately.

9) Ms. Poonam Shah

Senior osteopath Poonam Shah is the clinic director of MHV Clinic. The British College of Osteopathic Medicine is where she obtained her Masters’s in Osteopathy. The treatment of expectant mothers is Poonam’s area of expertise.

She combines osteopathic treatments with guidance on food, supplements, ergonomics, prescribed activities, and a lifestyle. Poonam frequently travels to the Middle East to serve her royal and A-list customers. She is interested in Ayurvedic medicine and tries to apply its ideas to her clinical work.

Address: 4 Cavendish Square, London, W1G 0PG.

Contact: 02033056186

Website: Ms. Poonam Shah

Review: She is very talented and helpful and always a positive experience.

10) Mr.David Tatton

David Tatton graduated from the British School of Osteopathy in 1979. He then worked in London and other parts of the UK before founding West London Osteopaths in 1984.

David has cared for patients from many walks of life, including actors, sports, stylists, government employees, teachers, nurses, physicians, newborns, young children, pregnant women, middle-aged adults, and the elderly. He greatly regards his in-depth knowledge of the human body and the advantages of Osteopathy on daily life.

Address: 65 Vespan Road, London, W12 9QG.

Contact: 02087490581

Website: https://www.westlondonosteopaths.com/

Review: Excellent Pilates and Osteopathy—I’m a big admirer.


Osteopathy may be a helpful treatment alternative for musculoskeletal pain or discomfort. There are numerous top-notch osteopaths in London from whom to choose, each with a unique method of treating patients. You may get help from an osteopath in London whether you desire a rich experience or a more specialized approach.

We hope that this article was helpful to you in finding the top osteopath in London and that you were able to select the finest medical professional to assist you in achieving the greatest degree of health and well-being.

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