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5 Best Nursing Homes in Bradford


For people who need ongoing medical care and attention, nursing homes are a necessary service. Bradford is home to a large number of nursing facilities that provide seniors and individuals with disabilities with top-notch care. The five top nursing homes in Bradford that offer top-notch care to their residents will be covered in this article.

Top 5 Best Nursing Homes in Bradford

1) Well Springs Nursing Home

One of the top residential nursing homes in the neighborhood, their residents provide excellent care and services. Our team of devoted employees, who are available to meet the needs of our residents at all times, are the cornerstones of their homes.

They pride themselves on their constantly high independent rating and extremely positive family feedback, and they have a reputation for excellence. They genuinely care about the people who live there; their health and well-being are of first importance, and they believe this comes over. 

Address: 122 Leylands Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD9 5QU

Contact: +44 1274488855

Website: https://www.wellspringsnursinghome.co.uk/ 

Customer review: Well Springs Nursing Home is a great place with a caring and attentive staff. The facilities are excellent and the residents are treated with dignity and respect. 

2) Lister House

They put in a lot of effort to make their Nursing Homes, as well as the committed Nurses, Care workers, and support personnel, a friendly place. They take great pride in their reputation as top-notch experts in the field of care homes, designing beautiful spaces that make residents and guests feel right at home the moment they walk through the door.

 Address: 13 Heaton Rd, Bradford BD8 8RA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1274494911

Website: https://www.listerhousenursinghome.co.uk/ 

Customer review: Lister House is a fantastic place with a caring and attentive staff. The facilities are excellent and the staff are always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the residents are comfortable and happy.

3) Anchor – Mill View Care home

At Anchor, they have a long history of providing care for senior citizens, and they prioritize their residents in all they do. This strategy led to Mill View, which was painstakingly created with all of its knowledge and enthusiasm to satisfy the demands and standards of the upcoming generation of senior citizens.

They work very hard to make their nursing homes welcoming for the residents as well as dedicated nurses, care providers, and support staff. They take great satisfaction in their reputation as top-tier professionals in the sector of care homes, creating stunning environments that instantly make residents and visitors feel at home.

Address: Bolton Lane, Bradford, West Yorkshire, BD2 4BN

Contact: 01274718910

Website: Anchor – Mill View Care home

Customer review: an amazing place with a caring and compassionate staff. The facilities are excellent and the patients are treated with dignity and respect. 

4) Rosegarland Residential Care Homes

Their personnel are chosen for their dependability, honesty, competence, empathetic nature, and professionalism. Since 2018, Rosegarland has been run by a new management team, led by Susan Kershaw. For the past three years, Susan Kershaw has served as the care facility’s manager. She has over 24 years of experience in the care sector.

All of their employees must pass an upgraded DBS investigation and provide glowing references. Before starting work, new employees must complete an induction program. 

Address: 846 Thornton Road, Bradford West Yorkshire, BD80JN

Contact: +44 1274543054

Website: https://rosegarland.co.uk/ 

Customer review: Rosegarland is a reputable nursing facility. The staff is always willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the patients are comfortable and at ease.

5) Crossley House Care Home – Bupa

The care facility has a team of skilled and sympathetic employees who offer person-centered care to accommodate each resident’s unique requirements and preferences. The care team works closely with residents, their families, and healthcare specialists to design a customized care plan tailored to the resident’s individual needs and requirements.

Crossley House Care Home offers a variety of social and recreational activities in addition to care services to support physical, emotional, and mental health. 

Address: 885 Thornton Road, Fairweather Green, Bradford BD8 0HH

Contact: 01274965565

Website: Crossley House Care Home – Bupa

Customer review: When you enter Crossley House Care Home, you are greeted by courteous personnel who smile warmly and provide a comfortable, clean, and contemporary atmosphere for the residents.


The five top nursing homes in Bradford that offer excellent assistance and care to their patients are the ones mentioned above. They have a group of experts on staff who are committed to giving each resident the individualized care they require. These five nursing homes are a great option if you’re looking for one for a loved one.


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