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5 Best Kitchen Remodel in Edinburgh


The kitchen, which is frequently regarded as the centre of the house, must be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Homeowners who wish to improve their space’s appearance and usability frequently renovate their kitchens.

There are several firms to pick from if you’re seeking for the greatest kitchen renovations in Edinburgh. The best 5 kitchen remodels in Edinburgh, as well as their address, phone number, website, and client testimonials, are highlighted in this article.

Top 5 Best Kitchen Remodel in Edinburgh

1) Kitchens International Edinburgh

With over 25 years of client service, Kitchens International is a well-known luxury kitchen design and installation business. They provide a selection of custom kitchen designs that use premium materials to make lovely and useful rooms. Its skilled designers and installers collaborate extensively with clients to make sure that their requirements and aesthetic preferences are taken into account in the final design.

Address: 14 S St David St, Edinburgh EH2 1AF, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1315567600

Website: https://www.kitchensinternational.co.uk/

Customer Review: Our outdated kitchen was renovated by Kitchens International into a contemporary area that exceeded our expectations. During the whole process, the crew shown professionalism, creativity, and responsiveness.

2) Riddle & Coghill Interiors

Address: 195 Lindsay Road Leith Edinburgh EH6 6ND

Contact: 01315556555

Website: https://www.riddleandcoghill.co.uk/

Customer Review: We are overjoyed with how Joseph Kingsley Kitchens designed and installed our new kitchen. A beautiful and useful room was produced as a consequence of the team’s rigorous attention to detail.


Address: 37 Comiston Road Morningside Edinburgh EH10 6AB

Contact: +44 7743504151

Website: https://www.flauntid.co.uk/

Customer Review: We couldn’t be happier with the way our dream kitchen turned out thanks to McNally Kitchens’ design and installation. Throughout the entire process, the crew delivered exceptional customer service while being informed and professional.

4) Kitchens by Nick McNally

Founded more than 20 years ago, Kitchens by Nick McNally is a family-run company. With a focus on custom cabinets and storage options, they provide a variety of kitchen designs, from conventional to modern. Customers and their staff of skilled designers and artisans collaborate closely to develop unique designs that meet their goals and their budget.

Address: 17B Liberton Brae, Edinburgh EH16 6AE, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1312029059

Website: https://kitchensbynickmcnally.co.uk/

Customer Review: With the design and installation of our new kitchen, Kitchens by Nick McNally surpassed our expectations. The group was cordial, open, and gave exceptional attention to detail.

5) Allstar Joinery

A design and installation business called Allstar Joinery focuses on providing kitchens with unique joinery and cabinetry options. They employ top-notch materials and a variety of designs, from traditional to contemporary, to make sure that their kitchens are both attractive and practical. They have a group of skilled artisans that collaborate closely with clients to produce personalised designs that suit each person’s demands and preferences.

Address: 35 Dryden Rd, Loanhead EH20 9HX, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 1314482222

Website: https://www.allstarjoinery.com/

Customer Review: We are overjoyed with the outcome of the kitchen renovation Allstar Joinery did for us. The team worked fast and professionally while providing great workmanship and attention to detail.


Choosing a business that comprehends your wants and can produce a bespoke design that meets your style and budget is crucial if you are intending to renovate your kitchen. The five businesses mentioned above are some of the best in Edinburgh, and they provide a large selection of kitchen designs.

These businesses can assist you in designing the kitchen of your dreams, whether you choose a conventional or modern style. Thus, check out their websites, read the evaluations left by past clients, and pick the business that most closely matches your requirements. You may be certain that you will obtain the kitchen you have always wanted thanks to their knowledge and experience.

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