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5 Best Italian Restaurants Cambridge


There are many Italian restaurants in Cambridge, an old academic town in England, that serve mouth-watering, tasty food to visitors as well as locals. These restaurants offer lots of variety, including for vegetarians and vegans, with everything from traditional pasta dishes to filling meat options.

Italian restaurants in Cambridge have a welcoming ambiance that is ideal for a romantic evening or a private lunch with friends and family. So, here we describe information about some of the best restaurants in Cambridge. Therefore, if you enjoy Italian food, you should include a trip to one of these places on your itinerary.

Top 5 Best Italian Restaurant in Cambridge

1) La Margherita

Cambridge residents have enjoyed dining at La Margherita. They give traditional family favourites with some new innovations. There is a tonne of variety on the menu, so everyone can find something to enjoy. Every day, all stocks and sauces are made fresh, and the food is incredibly tasty. The attention and care that go into these recipes is genuinely visible.

Address: 15 Magdalene St, Cambridge CB3 0AF, United Kingdom

Contact: 01223315232

Website: https://www.lamargheritacambridge.com/

Customer review : I recently went at this restaurant and it was so amazing. Their Pizza and pasta are so creamy and delicious. I can’t forget it’s taste.

2) Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant

A well-known Italian restaurant group with numerous sites across the country is Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant. The restaurant are well-known for its pizza and traditional Italian dishes and are also known for their wine selection and drink menu.

A brick oven is used for cooking, and every kitchen is accessible to everyone.

Address: 799 main Street, Cambridge, MA 02139, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 6176618356

Website: Bertucci’s Italian Restaurant

Customer review : this becomes my Favourite place. Their food are always tasty and fresh. Try it’s Margherita pizza.

3) Pammy’s

This trendy Italian restaurant, which is located between Central and Harvard Squares, has a little vintage vibe because to the golden glow of its globe lighting and the double fireplace.

Asian ingredients are widely incorporated into the globally-minded menu, where they are regularly used to Italian dishes to create fabulously flavorful fusion cuisine.

Eat its legendary lumache with tomato sauce And a baked pasta dish, and start a discussion with your eating companions at the retro communal table. Never to be missed are such fresh appetitive and sensual drinks.

Address: 928 Massachusetts Cambridge 02139, United Kingdom.

Contact: 6179451761

Website: https://www.pammyscambridge.com/

Customer review: this restaurant is so amazing. Their staff are very friendly and kindly. Try their garlic bread. It Is so soft and tasty.

4) Giulia

If you’re searching for Italian food in Cambridge Visit Giulia , which is near to Porter and Harvard Square.

however their menu is usually change so before reservation check their menu.

No whatever the size of your group or your preferred seating location, you should start planning and reserve a seat at this restaurant because it can get crowded.

Address: 1682 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA 02138, United Kingdom

Contact: 6174412800

Website: https://www.giuliarestaurant.com/

Customer review : it was a best experience. Dishes are incredible and specially it’s pasta and lasagna are my favourite. So I recommend you must try their pasta .

5) Season to Taste

They give 4 culinary menu every day. They gives a dishes Which are made with fresh and cultural components . Even so, dishes like chicken meatballs and white kimchi soup and grapefruit dessert are typically on the menu.

While there are just 20 seats in the dining, you can also visit the wine bar, where they’ll serve small appetisers to go with your beverage of choice.

Address: 1678 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge , MA 02140 , United Kingdom

Contact: 6178719468

Website: https://www.seasontotaste.com/

Customer review : this restaurants interior is my favourite. Also food is outstanding and delicious. Try out their Pizza and lasagna , it’s a best delicious dish that you won’t forget. Also don’t forget to order grapefruit dessert. It’s a damn good you can’t forget it taste.


In Cambridge, there are numerous Italian restaurants that serve a wide range of delicious, mouthwatering dishes to both tourists and residents.

These restaurants offer a warm atmosphere that is ideal for private lunches with friends and relatives as well as vegetarian and vegan meals. This article provides details on five of Cambridge’s top Italian restaurants, with their locations, phone numbers, websites, and reviews. Pizza, pasta, lasagna, and grapefruit dessert are a few of the highly recommended foods at these restaurants. A visit to one of these locations needs to be on your plan if you love Italian cuisine.


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