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5 Best Insurance Brokers in london


Between you and an insurer, an insurance broker serves as a middleman. With your past and their insurance expertise, they can locate a policy that best meets your needs at a fair price. Although they might help you save time and money, brokers may charge a broker fee for their services.

Even with the charge, your overall expenses could be lower. For instance, even if a broker charges a $100 fee and saves you $100 on a policy each year for three years, you will still have saved $200.

Top 5 Best Insurance Brokers in London

1) UKGlobal

UKGlobal is an expert at getting to know customers well and collaborating with them to identify risks and create strong insurance programs. They provide straightforward and open guidance to help their clients make educated decisions. They take great satisfaction in our adaptable and proactive approach and their reputation for providing excellent counsel, client retention, and customer service.

They have access to a wide range of capabilities as a member of the Howden group firm Aston Lark, expanding their business’s service and market offers.

They assist in the insurance arrangement process for a wide range of business sectors and private clients. UKGlobalare is a nationwide company that works with clients from local locations. They also offer a wide range of global capabilities.

Address: The Boardwalk, 21 Little Peter Street, Manchester, M15 4PS

Contact: +44 03332309280

Website: https://www.ukglobalgroup.co.uk/

Review: “UKGlobal provides excellent and knowledgeable service. He was really nice and responded to all of my emails right away.”

2) Miller Insurance Services LLP

Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting, Miller can provide you the flexibility to thrive in a performance-oriented, inventive, and demanding environment.

Address: Miller Insurance Services LLP, 70 Mark Lane, London, EC3R 7NQ 

Phone: +44 2074882345

Website: https://www.miller-insurance.com/

Review: “Well done, sensible advice.”

3) Woodfords Insurance Brokers

They work for you at Woodfords Insurance Brokers. They provide definite insurance for landlords, pubs, hotels, and other companies because of their extensive knowledge of the real estate industry and access to many of the UK’s top insurers. Nothing is ever too much to ask, so we offer specialized insurance for high-net-worth customers as part of our service.

We spoke with Woodford Insurance Brokers about Woodford commercial insurance and were quite impressed with his professionalism and depth of expertise.

Address:11 Harwood Road, Fulham, London, England, SW6 4QP

Phone +44 02077310750

Website: https://www.woodfordsinsurance.co.uk/

Review: “By far the greatest customer service.”

4) Oxford Insurance Brokers

Oxford Insurance Brokers, a fully certified Lloyd’s insurance and reinsurance broker was founded in 1998.

They provide a wide range of goods and services on a free market and a foundation of binding authority. To assist their clients in managing their risks, specialist teams draw on their knowledge and expertise. Understanding their clients’ risk management, insurance, and reinsurance requirements is at the core of all we do, allowing them to design specialized, competitive, and creative solutions.

Address: Oxford Insurance Brokers Ltd, 6 Bevis Marks, London, EC3A 7BA

Contact: +44 02072832393

Website: https://www.oxfordinsurancebrokers.co.uk/

Review: “I would without a doubt suggest oxford to anybody searching for a capable and successful insurance broker.”

5) General Insurance Brokers UK

In 1963, General Insurance Brokers UK Plc (GIB) was founded. They are an independent, privately held professional insurance brokerage business focusing on ensuring embassies and high commissions in the UK. They act as insurance brokers for over 100 embassies and their personnel in the UK. They take great satisfaction in being the UK’s top insurance company for embassies and diplomats.

They have employees at GIB that hold the highest certifications in the insurance sector, including Fellowship (FCII). By offering face-to-face services, we maintain the highest standard of customer satisfaction and take our client relationships very seriously.

Address:90–92, Bishops Bridge Road, Bayswater, London, W2 5AA

Phone: +44 02077920123

Website: https://gibukplc.com/

Review: “outstanding experience I have,the procedure was quick and instructive from beginning to end.”


Brokers and salespeople are encouraged to upsell since they gain more from the additional coverage you buy. They need top-notch customer service if you want to keep doing business with them.

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