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5 Best Home Builders in Birmingham


A thrilling and significant investment is constructing a new house. The success of the project depends on choosing the best house builder. There are numerous prominent house builders in Birmingham, Alabama, who have a track record of producing high-quality, well-designed homes. The top five home builders in Birmingham will be introduced and briefly discussed in this answer.

Top 5 Best Home Builders in Birmingham

1) Signature Homes

In the Birmingham region, Signature Homes is a renowned house builder who provides a large selection of customizable home designs. They specialise in building energy-efficient houses, and they use materials like spray foam insulation, Low-E windows, and high-efficiency HVAC systems in their construction. Moreover, they give a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty, which covers new houses in great detail. The 2019 Best in American Living Award is one of several honours that Signature Homes has received for the calibre of its designs and workmanship.

Address: 4000 Eagle Point Corporate Drive, Birmingham, AL 35242

Contact: 2059805360

Website: https://www.e-signaturehomes.com/

Customer Reviews: Our interaction with Signature Homes was wonderful. Their staff was competent, accommodating, and delivered a lovely home on schedule and within the allotted budget.

2) Harris Doyle Homes

A custom house builder called Harris Doyle Homes works in Birmingham and other Alabaman communities. Since its establishment in 2008, the business has built a solid reputation for producing high-quality residences that are both energy-efficient and aesthetically beautiful as well as tailored to each individual client’s tastes and demands. Harris Doyle Houses are known for their dedication to fine craftsmanship and attention to detail. They make every home they create to their stringent standards by using high-quality components and building methods.

Address: 3111 Timberlake Drive, Birmingham, AL 35243

Contact: 2053075366

Website: https://harrisdoyle.com/

Customer Reviews: It was a pleasure working with Harris Doyle Homes. Our ideal home was built by them, and the experience was joyful because to their patience and expertise.

3) Tower Homes

For more than 20 years, the family-run house builder Tower Homes has been producing high-quality residences in the Birmingham region. They provide a variety of house plans, such as single-family homes, townhouses, and condominiums. Spray foam insulation and high-efficiency HVAC systems are among the energy-efficient technologies used in the construction of their homes. Tower Homes is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, and all of its houses come with a 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty.

Address: Devereux Circle, Birmingham, AL 35243

Contact: 2059702363

Website: https://www.tower-homes.com/

Customer Reviews: The greatest builder we have ever worked with is Tower Homes. Their staff went above and above to make sure our house was completed to our satisfaction. They were courteous, professional, and communicative.

4) Drake Homes

A bespoke house builder in the Alabama city of Birmingham is called Drake Homes. Since its founding in 2003, the business has established a reputation for producing high-end bespoke houses that are both attractive and useful. Drake Homes specialises in creating bespoke houses that satisfy each client’s particular requirements and preferences. Every home they make is a reflection of the client’s vision and lifestyle since they collaborate closely with them throughout the whole building process, from design to construction.

Address: 5900 Messer Airport Highway, Suite 102, Birmingham, AL 35212

Contact: 2055455374

Website: http://drakehomes.net/

Customer Reviews: The process of creating a house was made joyful and stress-free by Drake Homes. They provided a lovely home on schedule and within our budget, and they were attentive to our demands.

5) Newcastle Homes

For more than 20 years, Newcastle Homes has been producing high-quality bespoke houses in the Birmingham region. By carefully collaborating with their clients to create houses that suit their individual wants and tastes, they provide a personalised construction experience. Newcastle Homes has earned multiple accolades for the excellence of their ideas and construction because of their dedication to excellent workmanship and attention to detail.

Address: 121 Bishop Circle, Pelham, AL

Contact: 2053267406

Website: https://www.newcastle-homes.com/

Customer Reviews: Our expectations were surpassed by Newcastle Homes. Their crew was experienced, competent, and they produced a gorgeous house that we like.


The success and enjoyment of your homebuilding project might be impacted by your decision to choose the best house builder. The five house builders mentioned in this responseĀ are all well-known and have a track record of producing beautiful, well-crafted homes. These builders provide a variety of solutions to match your requirements and tastes, whether you’re searching for a custom-built house or a pre-designed floor plan. These house builders are among the finest in Birmingham thanks to their dedication to high-quality work, meticulous attention to detail, and individualised service.

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