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The Best 5 Doggy Care Centre in Oxford


Doggy day care has become a popular choice . It is for pet owners who want to make sure that their furry pets are taken care of when they are gone. There are so many doggy care centre in Oxford, so choosing the best one is so difficult.

So here, We have put up a list of Oxford’s best 5 dog day care facilities to help pet owners in deciding what is best. These facilities provide pets with special care and attention. Also, they make sure they get the exercise, interaction, and stimulation they require to grow.

1) Cumnor Dog Lodge

One of Oxford’s most reputable dog care centre is Cumnor Dog Lodge. It is located in Cumnor Hill’s Hurst.

Your dog will have safe access to ¼ of an acre land and will have supervision over 10 acres of woods. As a result, it will be a great space for your dog to play. Overall, choosing a cosy setting with an excellent service for your best buddy won’t be a mistake.

Address: The Hurst, Hurst Lane, Cumnor Hill, Oxford OX2 9PR, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7799893455

Website: https://www.cumnordoglodge.co.uk/

Customer review : I recently bringing my dog to this doggy centre and I m so glad about their level of cair and attention to give them. Their staff is knowledgeable and so kindly.

2) Precious Furs Pet Resort

They provide lodging for all kinds of dogs and cats, and exotic animals such as pigs, rats, mice. Only for appointment are they able to clean dogs Monday through Saturday. ​Also they train and grow dogs with some funny activities.

Address: 13 Lovett Rd, Oxford, MA 01540, United States

Contact: +44 5089872927

Website: https://www.preciousfurspetresort.com/index.html

Customer review : my dog is so shy but the staff of this care centre is so patient and kind with it. They really help him come out of his shell . I am so happy with their facilities.

3) Hot Diggity Dawg Daycare

It is a family-run dog grooming and boarding facility for your cherished pets. The centre provides superb facilities and a variety of services. Thus, your beloved pets will be OK with training and game activities.

Hot diggity dawg offers dog patients hospital treatment. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your buddies while you’re absent.

Address: Hinksey Heights Oxford, Oxford OX1 5AB, UK

Contact: 07414666687

Website: https://www.hotdiggitydawg.co.uk/

Customer review : my dog has some health issue so that it requires some attention. But This center is always helping and understanding. They always make sure about dog is happy . I recommend that you should started to bring your dog in this centre.

4) Archway Boarding Kennels

They offer a wide variety of services at a very affordable cost. Archway Kennels offers cleaning, day lodging, long boarding, and dog products. The best part about the centre is that they are concerned with the planet in addition to our dogs. They recycle the majority of the material to lower landfill waste.

Address: 167 Oxford Rd, Garsington, Oxford OX44 9AU, United Kingdom

Contract: +44 1865368400

Website: http://www.archwaykennels.co.uk/

Customer review : it is such a great place for our dogs. They are give some healthy and nutritious meal and also Play with my dogs. My dogs are very happy with them.

5) Happy Tails Oxford

This is the most popular doggy care centre in Oxford. They provide dogs grooming , food and many more service. The best part is this centre is they teach some activities to dog. With them dog can grow and develop.

They also provide daycare on special occasions if you are not available with them. But this day charges are double.

Address: Nobles Farmhouse, 3 Nobles Ln, Botley, Oxford OX2 9NF, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 7951871436

Website: Happy Tails Oxford

Customer review: I am so satisfied with this doggy care centre. They daily send me every minute updates and photos and videos. So I can see what is my dog doing . It gives me a peace of mind he is happy and enjoyed very well.


Dog day care is becoming increasingly popular in Oxford. And there are many options to choose from. To help pet owners make an informed decision, we describe a list of the top 5 dog care centres in the area.

These facilities offer a range of services, including grooming, training, and exercise, and prioritise the health and happiness of their furry clients. Whether you’re looking for a cosy setting, excellent service, or special activities, these centres are sure to meet your needs.


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