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5 Best Demolition Builders in Birmingham


Demolition is a necessary part of the building process, and it is critical to have skilled and dependable builders on hand who can perform the task effectively and safely. Birmingham is home to a number of demolition contractors who provide services ranging from controlled demolition to high-reach destruction. We’ve included the top five best demolition builders in Birmingham, together with their address, contact information, website, and client reviews, in this post.

5 Best Demolition Builders in Birmingham

1) Coleman & Company Limited

Coleman & Company Ltd has over 50 years of demolition experience and is known for finishing projects swiftly and effectively. They employ cutting-edge technology and equipment to complete their task and provide services such as asbestos removal, cleanup, and foundation. They are also devoted to sustainability and have introduced ecologically friendly techniques in their operations.

Address: Colemans, Shady Lane, Great Barr, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B44 9ER

Contact: +44 (0)1213252424

Website: https://coleman-group.co.uk/

Customer Review: Great service from a fantastic team. They finished our demolition project fast and efficiently. Coleman & Company comes highly recommended.

2) DSM Demolition Ltd

DSM Demolition Ltd, based in Birmingham, has been in business since 1988 and provides a variety of demolition services, including high-reach demolition, soft stripping, and dismantling. They have a team of talented and experienced experts that operate to the highest standards and are dedicated to providing safe, efficient, and cost-effective services to their clients. They also place a premium on sustainability and have enacted green policies to limit their environmental effect.

Address: Arden House, Arden Road, Heartlands, Birmingham, B8 1DE

Contact: +01213222225

Website: https://www.dsmgroup.info/

Customer Review: DSM Demolition was a pleasure to deal with. The staff was professional and finished the task on time.

3) PBM Contractors Ltd

To fulfil the NFDC/Legislative/CITB criteria for site operatives and plant operators, the National Demolition Training Group, CSCS, and CPCS train their staff. PBM Contractors employs professional workers that have received training to construct and destroy a variety of constructions. Thanks to their large demolition equipment, highly qualified CPCS (demolition category) operators, and project managers, they can provide a broad demolition and excavations service for all types of buildings and structures.

Address: 15-17 Green Lane, Small Heath, Birmingham, United Kingdom, B9 5BU

Contact: 01217720858

Website: https://www.pbmcontractors.co.uk/

Customer Review: PBM Contractors were a pleasure to work with. They were highly professional and performed the demolition job on schedule and budget. 

4) J McC Build 

It might be challenging to pick one local property remodelling Company over another. You want to be sure of a great outcome and a home remodelling constructor you can rely on. When you hire J McC Build staff, you may feel completely secure knowing that your home construction and remodelling projects are in skilful hands. You may trust that they have all the essential professional abilities and competence because they have been in the home renovation business for over ten years.

Address: 12 Kenway, Hollywood, Birmingham B47 5LG, UK

Contact: 7502000677

Website: https://jmccbuild.co.uk/

Customer Review: J McC Build did an outstanding job. The staff worked quickly and efficiently to perform the project well. They come highly recommended for any demolition task.

5) Parkfield Building Services Ltd

For clients with prestigious homes in the Midlands, Parkfield Building Services Ltd offers custom, high-quality building, restoration, and maintenance services. You may find their name on projects in Edgbaston, Harborne, Selly Oak, Solihull, Barnt Green, Alvechurch, and Sutton Coldfield, just a few locations. The Company’s culture is centred on providing accurate, honest service with a practical mindset, a determination to create high-quality finishing, and a product delivered on time and exactly. 

Address: 6 Chancel Way, Witton, Birmingham, B6 7AU

Contact: 01212412959

Website: https://www.parkfieldbs.co.uk/

Customer Review: Parkfield Ltd was a pleasure to deal with. The staff was professional, and the project was finished to a high quality.  


It is critical to select the proper demolition builder to ensure the safety and success of your building project. The five demolition contractors featured in this article are all experienced and trustworthy, with great client feedback. These firms provide a variety of services to satisfy your needs, whether you want controlled demolition or explosive demolition. We hope this post has given you useful information and helped you make an informed selection while looking for a demolition builder in Birmingham.

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